Friday, July 3


Today is my half-birthday.  Too bad we don't celebrate it!  I think it should be a new rule OR I should at least do some shopping today!

On another note, June was a huge month for me.  As my photography season has started full-swing I have clients booked all the way out until November!  I feel extremely blessed and know that this was God's plan for me-to spend more time in the word, be a better house wife and pursue photography as my sole career.  priorities people.  priorities.

Wednesday, June 17

heat wave for daze

Shirt: UO, Jeans: Gap, Pendant: Arrow + Sage

I have been hiding in my house for 3+ days now.  heat waves.  You can't run or hide from them except by staying in your air conditioned house.  Earlier this week I ran at 7am to try and avoid some of this lovely summer heat and humidity and even running that early I was a hot mess afterwards.  The pool isn't even refreshing as it feels like bath water.  Your husband takes your car to work because it has air conditioning-so I don't even want to leave the house unless it's to walk to the end of the driveway to check the mail.  Even that short walk to the mailbox is miserable.  So what do you do...  You edit photos, read a book, start a puzzle, create art projects, maybe turn the television on and sit in your amazing air conditioned house.  grateful for a home with air conditioning.

For those of you during the winter season who said they wished it was summer.  I hope that you got everything you wished for, because it's here.  full-fledged summer.

Tuesday, June 9

summer daze

Blueberries.  Blackberries.  Need I say more?  We went out to a PYO fruit farm the other day, right when it opened.  We went early to try and beat the summer heat, but to no avail it beat us first.  It was hot.  But I guess one wouldn't expect anything less from an almost summer day in North Carolina.

When we were done picking, we trekked back to the barn, packed up our berries and headed home.  As I didn't sleep well the night before, we got home, had lunch and I laid on the couch and watched 3 girly movies by myself.  An exciting day right?  I guess when you are under the weather it's okay to do that.  Thankfully I have an understanding husband who just let it happen.

Thursday, June 4

a history tour

 State Capital - Raleigh, NC

it was only appropriate to wear my 'big brother is watching' tee

Historic Oakwood Cemetery
Raleigh NC final resting place for the confederates of the Civil War
Founded in 1869

The Mordecei House - First House in Raleigh NC
Established - 1785

My friend at the Mordecei House, not Joe's friend

My parents were in town visiting over Memorial Day weekend and we figured we needed to find something to do with them.  So we gave them a brief tour of downtown Raleigh.  What's funny is we've lived here for almost 8.5 years and never had done any of it.  Sad but true.  Now we can say we have. 

Monday, June 1

hello june.

June. joon. the sixth month of the year. JUNE.  No matter how I say it, it's June.  Which translates to hot, sticky humid, and thunderstorm filled months ahead.  Summer is probably my least favorite season.  I still believe it's my Florida days that made me appreciate the other seasons that much more.  However, there are things that I do like about Summer.  The beach and the pool (and peaches) but that's about it AND even so I try to stay out of the sun for the most part since I don't really want to age myself anymore than I probably have from my teenage years using baby oil and a tanning bed.  #SeriousRegrets  However, summer does remind me that I am that much closer to Fall, my favorite season.