Monday, June 20

summer is officially here

As you may have noticed we've been trying to adventure a little more lately.  One of the biggest reasons is well, we've lived in our home for almost 8 years now and the house projects have finally ceased - for now at least...and we Joe decided that mowing the lawn during the week after work is also a good idea since it frees up our weekends.  why, yes-yes it does!

So far this summer {knock-on-wood} has been very cooperative in the weather department.  We've had hot days, but then days of 'cooler' temperatures as well.  can't complain there.  So when those cooler days arrive we have a need to play outside and I believe the rest of North Carolina does as well.  Saturday morning we packed up our gear and headed up to the Eno River in Durham to do a little adventuring.  Last month we went to the Rock Quarry area (post here), this time we headed to a different section.  We've done some of these hikes before, but it's been awhile and well who cares as long as the company is enjoyable.

See those tiny people above fishing? Then those below wading.  I'll pass on the brown water wading...

Well by-golly a bench for lunch.

Well 'hey' maybe there should be a picture of me in here somewhere?

Tuesday, June 14

time traveler

Being a photographer, time is something you always think about.  My job is all about capturing that split second of time.  I capture moments in the now so in the future we can reflect on those past moments we took the time to preserve and then share those moments with our future self and for generations to come...

Wednesday, June 8

the last daze of spring

Eloquent English Rose Photography

Summer is almost here... but today-today is still spring and feels like spring.  The humidity is absent, the windows are open and the breeze... the glorious spring breeze is filling up the entire house.  When the humid weather disappears it gives me a joyful almost giddy feeling.  That usually happens in the fall, but this rare occurrence and is definitely a blessing from the Lord.  

The breeze also makes me want to have long flowing drapes to watch blow around in the house.  i could only imagine what the cats would do to those.  add a cozy blanket, comfy clothes, a cat or two, a good book and warm tea in hand.  Minus the drapes, all of that might just actually happen today if I can get my to do list checked off.  #goals

Thursday, June 2

hello june

When June comes I always wonder where the first half of the year has gone.  When they say life does pass you by-it really does like warp speed.  Winter and spring have been a welcomed quiet season for the English household.  Now that summer is here things will start to pickup with photography and warm season adventuring.

I was reading last years post for June and I wrote about looking forward to the fall because I am not a summer lover.  BUT why do we always look to the future?  Why is it when it's one thing, say summer, we can't wait for fall?  Why is it a struggle to live in the now-the today?  Life really can pass you by with that approach-that's for sure.  This year I have been working hard on living for today and not worrying about tomorrow.  We are reminded in Matthew, “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."  

Full reading on worry: Matthew 6:25-34.  

Wednesday, May 25

office help

my office helper.  love that sweet little animal of mine.