Tuesday, October 10

canadian adventure - yoho national park: yoho river, duchesnay lake, point lace falls and takakkaw falls

This is the last installment of our Canadian adventure to Banff and Yoho National Park.  Part two, of our last day...

Yoho River

 A very DRY Duchesnay Lake as we could literally walk IN it.

This green field I believe is suppose to be water!

walking towards what is left of the lake...

Photo bombing Joe's selfie at Point Lace Falls (bunny!)

Point Lace Falls

Yoho River

best trip to date!

Back to Takakkaw Falls

Yoho River

last photo via roadside pull off

Goodbye for now Canada...



Day 5, Part 2 (current post)

Monday, October 9

canadian adventure - yoho national park: yoho river, takakkaw falls, angels staircase, twin falls and laughing falls

Another day we slept in until 5:30am!  I think I needed it.  The last four days had been so busy and my body was letting me know that. 

On our last day, we drove to British Columbia to hike around Yoho National Park.  This wasn't even on our schedule, but we had accomplished so much the first 4 days that we decided we should give it a go.  I was so grateful that this was very very easy trails.

Takakkaw Falls

Angels staircase

Twin Falls

Yoho River

Laughing Falls

Chippy.  Our new friend.

Closest encounter with ANY wildlife.

In childhood we would call this an "air pie".  He had nothing in his hand.

Maybe Chippy wanted a lift?

Joe said he nibbled at his fingers.

He may or may not have jammed 10 peanuts in his mouth later.  
I can neither confirm nor deny.