Monday, March 6

hello march

My stendig calendar changing is getting later and later and later.  We didn't even change the calendar until yesterday, March 5th.  Partially because I have to wait until Joe is home when it's light enough out to take photos (and I'm too lazy to use a tripod) and then it turns into the following weekend.  It happens.

Anywho.  Happy March to ya!

Thursday, March 2

a trip to snowshoe

As it basically feels like late spring here in North Carolina, I figured I should probably post some of our ski photos from Snowshoe from several weeks back.

The first night that we arrived there was no snow anywhere on the roads or sidewalks.  For a ski village, one would expect (as from the last 10 years coming here) that there would be snow!  But we arrived in the nick of time as a winter weather advisory was in effect overnight.

Our first day of skiing there was hardly anyone out on the slopes.  It was extremely cold, windy and in the afternoon turned to white out conditions.  It was super fun, but definitely cold!

Break for lunch....

Than into whiteout conditions!

Day #2 started with blue sunny skies!  Joe's family arrived the night prior.  The kids went to ski school and the big kids well we were all over the place and none of us really skied together.  Joe was skiing with his Dad.  I was sent to find the other big kids, didn't find them and ended up skiing the entire morning alone.  Which it was kind of nice just to go do my own thing, but it would have been nice to ski with others as well.  With such a big mountain, it happens!

Joe (skiing backwards - show-off!) and his Dad (grey jacket) before he fractured his pelvis {enter sad face}.

I found the boys for lunch and then off we went again!  Excuse the mitten.

Day #3

Tuesday, February 7

wintergreen, not the gum, the slopes

I recently remembered that hadn't posted any pictures from our day trip to Wintergreen.  I'm so use to making pictures on my camera, not my cell phone.  So this one just sorta slipped by me...

Last minute Joe decided to take a day off work and drive up to Virginia to ski for the day.  It made perfect sense...  most of the east coast had been 'closed' for a few days the weekend prior due to a winter storm and being Friday before a holiday weekend...  NO ONE, I mean no one was there.  We had to wait in zero lines the entire day, the majority of the slopes and lifts were open, the weather was in the 40's and it was overcast and we will call it "powdery" for east coast.  Everything was amazing besides our lunch and that was redeemed later with a soft pretzel so I'll let that one slide.  Otherwise a fun day trip skiing.