Wednesday, September 30

well hello october.

I am an autumn lover.  Everything from colorful leaves, cool crisp temperatures, apple picking, hot lush filled baths, sweaters, cardigans, jeans, boots, scarves, beanies and of course plaid - 90's yes please, comfy sweats and tees, fuzzy socks, cuddly kittens, my ah-mazing heat blanket, indoor fires, s'mores, hot chocolate, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin anything at that... but as of late, the rain.  It's literallylike Chris Treager would say it in Parks and Rec, rained for 8 straight days and it feels as though there is no end in sight. Even more rain is on the way throughout the weekend.  Which I'm sorta okay with since we need it, but I may have forgotten what the sun looks like, but my list above...  All those wonderful things of autumn, regardless of all that rain, autumn is still here.  Why yes, yes it is....

Cheers to all things snuggly.

Monday, September 21

never a good idea

It's never a good idea to go to the farmer's market on a Saturday.  Never, unless it's the wee hours of the morning.  We went at 11am.  Who does that?  Not smart Amanda, not smart at all.  But to my surprise there were a ton of pumpkins, gourds and of course apples.  YUM!  Next time I am getting my hands on some of that fresh apple cider.  Yes indeed.

Wednesday, September 16

taking stock: part 3

tee: UO, mug: Arrow and Sage

Making: a few Christmas gifts and a piece of art for our wall.
Cooking: black bean burgers with chipolte mayo sauce (recipe).  The best veggie burgers ev-errrrrrrrrrrr.
Drinking: water and coffee.  Almost always water.
Reading: a few books.  The bible daily, but starting the study of the book of Revelation through Bible Study FellowshipHeaven by Randy Alcorn, and The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom.  I could be reading too many things at once...
Wanting: always something unnecessary.
Looking: forward to a vacation soon.
Wasting: time on
Sewing: nothing, but both of us are having jeans altered.  Is it weird to be excited about that?
Wishing: it would stay cool.  #fallforever
Enjoying: the cool crisp air this week.
Waiting: for the Lord's return.
Liking: Kristian's Stanfields song so even so come.
Wondering: what the next year is going to bring us.
Loving: being home.  When I had two jobs I always felt like my duties at home were such a chore.  Now I find such joy in taking care of my home and husband. (titus 2:5).
Hoping (praying): for those who have lost all hope.
Marveling: at God's grace and mercy.
Needing: nothing.
Smelling: fall, if that's such a thing.
Wearing: pajama's all day.  Every day.
Following: the cats around the house.
Noticing: the leaves starting to change.  I also notice that I feel different when the seasons change.  This time of year bring such joy to my heart.
Knowing: I am loved.
Thinking: more and more about my (our) purpose.
Bookmarking: ideas on Pinterest for holiday inspiration. 
Opening: a thredup box, but also doing a mass clean-out of my closet.  I have way to many clothes I do not wear anymore.
Giggling: at the cats chasing a fly around the house for days.
Feeling: grateful.

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Wednesday, September 9

hawe river hiking fail

On an overcast not too bad of a summer day Joe wanted to go hiking at the Hawe River.  We arrived and let me tell you, it was an off the beaten path type of trail and the photos above don't count.  With shorts on and all kinds of weeds and brush touching my legs and running into spider webs which felt like every 5 feet I called it quits after a half an hour.  I do like the outdoors, but not when everything is touching me with a small fear of everything being poisonous.  Joe referred me being like the girls on the movie troop beverly hills.  Next time I'll be better prepared wearing a hat, long sleeve, jeans and come with an axe.

Tuesday, September 8

the butterfly incident

incident #1.  Joe and I were taking our usual evening walk and there was a butterfly on the sidewalk.  The bottom corner of it's wing looked as though something had gotten a hold of it.  So I bent down, put my finger in front of him and he crawled right on.  Carefully without touching his wings I put him on top of a bush for temporary safety.  I think he preferred my finger.  Of course this was the one time I didn't bring my cell phone with me to make a picture.

incident #2.  A few days later I was watching out the back window and saw a neighbor cat lying in the grass and saw him pounce right on a butterfly.  The butterfly would slip through his paws and he would leap right back on top of it.  As he did this several times, I laughed watching the cat play with the butterfly and then felt bad for the butterfly and realized Sylvester or another cat may have been the culprit in incident #1.