Tuesday, August 18

sweet and sour

Norman - birds? where? let me get one!

Norman - enough photos momma.

Norman - UGH - seriously?  no privacy. 

Norman - FINE - i'll just look cute.

Norman - now will you let me have a bird momma?

Contessa - big stretch.

Contessa - i hate that clicky thing.  get it out of my face.

Contessa - fine i'll just look cute then.

Contessa - wait where are you going?

Contessa - FINE i'll just beat up your nice Pottery Barn chair.

Contessa - okay, okay I'll be good.

Wednesday, August 12

cooler summer daze

Some leaves are starting to turn!  It's still a bit early for fall - but I won't complain.

Remember that warning sign - this is what the park didn't want people doing!
However, I'm pretty sure Joe would have done it if he would have brought his bathing suit.
I'm also 95% sure I would have jumped in myself.  i think.


When a 'cool' summer day happens in August you pack up your stuff and go hiking.  That's just what you do.  So we packed up our hiking gear and drove to Durham to hike around the Eno.  We had never ventured around the rock quarry-the water was quite blue green and somewhat clear.  Rather inviting I might add.  We didn't' pack up our bathing suits so there was no jumping in for us, but maybe in the future.

Cheers to cooler weather!

Monday, August 3


August.  It's the first month in summer when the days are finally getting shorter.  The summer solstice is moving away and we're moving closer to the autumnal equinox.  yes, Yes, YES!  

In the hot summer months, Joe and I try to do any activities early in the morning to avoid some of the heat.  In the afternoons we end up sitting inside not knowing what to do with ourselves because it is too hot to play outside.  Sometimes I can convince Joe to go shopping with me and usually it's just to get out of the house.  However, that usually turns into a fail for me as he jinxes my shopping mojo and I end up buying nothing.  Joe = 1, Amanda = 0.

happy summer.

Friday, July 31


It's the last day of July, a blue moon and I learned to levitate.  Okay I cannot levitate - just a little photography project.  At the beginning of this year I had planned to do a few personal projects for 2015.  I am slacking at this.  This one was a test project for a bigger project, but none the less a project.  So it kind of counts.

Don't forget to look at the moon tonight!

Tuesday, July 28

the one with fruit pickin' and weird faces


 more BEES!

Last weekend we went peach, blueberry and grape picking.  When you drive almost an hour to go picking - you do all that is available.  Why because you can.  Then you may end up picking 25lbs of peaches.  TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS.  Good grief.  Those plump golden fuzzy things are sitting in a back bedroom with the door closed so someone doesn't' sink any teeth into them.  It's happened before...  Contessa!?  As we wait until the ripen - they have great plans awaiting them in a lovely glass jar.  Peach jam and canned peaches - some serious goodness in a jar.

I love you peaches.