Wednesday, August 17


It's a ritual for us that whenever we go to the beach we wake up early (nothing new there) and we watch the sunrise every morning weather permitting.  Typically I bring my camera with me, which I did bring it on the trip, but it stayed in its bag the entire vacation.  So instead I used my trusty iPhone.  Sometimes it's just easier than making a big ordeal out of it...  But then when I go back and look at photos, I'm like man....  I wish I would have brought my good camera.  But none the less, I have a few photos.

Location: Surf City, North Carolina - Topsail Island

Day 2

Day 3

Tuesday, August 9

Summer Makeup Look and BIG Giveaway!

First of all this is going to be a longer post than usual as I have a lot of amazing things to share.  My end of summer makeup look, Mineral Fusion beauty tour and a Mineral Fusion makeup giveaway!  But first things first...


Now let me tell you about a makeup line that I have just started using and is now one of my new favorite makeup lines!  As most of you know I went to all natural beauty products 2 years ago.  Some have been a hit or miss, but Mineral Fusion is spot on!  It's even sold at your local Whole Foods Market which is awesome to be able to try on products before you buy!  Some natural makeup lines you have to order online, which can be difficult to find the perfect match.  Mineral Fusion carries skin care to hair care, to nail polish and makeup, Mineral Fusion has something for every eco-friendly shopper!  Plus a
ll of the products within the Mineral Fusion portfolio are safe for all skin types, eco-friendly and free of gluten, parabens, SLS, phthalates, artificial colors and synthetic fragrances, 100% Vegetarian, and most are 100% Vegan.


We all blinked and summer is nearing an end - why yes, yes it is!  For some you may dread the colder months coming - but for me it's a 'warm' welcome.  BUT I will miss the natural sun kissed glow.  However, we can fake some of it!

What better way to end the season with a few summer beauty tips to help you soak in that last of that shimmery bronzed look.  I'm pretty natural when it comes to my makeup choices, so you will see that this look is rather easy and just enhances what one already has!

First prep your skin with your favorite face lotion or cream to have that nice dewy skin ready for makeup application.  Once your face lotion has dried, brush the Mineral Fusion Bronzer across your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline, then brush the Mineral Fusion Blush on the apples of your cheeks and along the cheekbones to provide a little contour.

{all items shown are included in the giveaway - colors may be selected by winner}

Now to enhance your eyes, I used the Mineral Fusion Eyeshadow Trio in Rose Gold for a warmer look.   These shades are rich in pigmentation (long-lasting!) and blend-able.  I find that not all natural beauty products are easy to blend.  

Add a touch of the smooth velvety Mineral Fusion Eye Pencil in Rough and the Mineral Fusion Lash Curling Mineral Mascara in gravity.  The brush has a curve which helps to natural curl your lashes so you can ditch the eye-lash curler!

Finally, to give your lips a pop of color swip with the Mineral Fusion Lipstick in the color Nude (which I would say is pretty close to my natural lip coloer but better!) or for a little richer in color the Mineral Fusion Lipstick Butter in the color Ripe.  The lipstick butter for summer and winter to condition dry lips is just amazing!  Very hydrating with the added cocoa butter in the formula to keep them nice and soft.

I would say that this makeup look is the most like your natural self.  Your healthy, summer glowing, natural self.  These are some of the perfect products to use that will make you glow like you have just been kissed by summer!


GOOD NEWS!  Mineral Fusion is hosting one of their beauty tours right in our own backyard in Raleigh North Carolina.  They will be offering customers 40% off all of Mineral Fusion products including skin, hair, body, nail care and cosmetics. Enjoy a complementary make up applications from passionate and experienced make up artist in the natural cosmetics industry while exploring all that Mineral Fusion has to offer.  

WHEN:      Friday, August 12th - Saturday, August 28th  

WHERE:   Whole Foods Market - 3540 Wade Ave., Raleigh, NC 27607

I will definitely be heading over to the Whole Foods in Raleigh to purchase a lot more of their beauty products during the beauty tour!  Now onto the giveaway!


This post is sponsored by Mineral Fusion.

Friday, August 5

i'll take what i can get

What is it with books and cats that makes you want to curl up with a cozy blanket, comfy jammies, hot tea and have a good read...?  This sweet little one and the other one both love to snuggle when we read.  I think it's really the snuggly blanket that they want.  i'll take what I can get.

and happy weekend to ya!

Thursday, July 7

twas the night before....

Twas the night before hiking, when all through the night,
Rain fell hard and landed with might.
The noises woke us up from our silent dreaming,
Off the roof and down the gutters the water was streaming.

The cats were nestled snugly in our bed,
Norman stretched out lying on my head.
Me in my pajamas and Joe in the buff,
Slowly drifted back to sleep strangely enough.

The cat feeders woke us up with their usual clatter,
Causing the kitties to quickly scatter.
We arose from our bed and looked through the blinds,
When doubts of going hiking entered our minds.

The ground was soggy and full of puddles,
Sure to make Eno full of struggles.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
Some friends to join us, we must persevere.

We started our hike and moved pretty quick,
Even though the trail was muddy and slick.
We hiked the hills and down by water,
The clouds kept us cool and it didn’t get much hotter!

We ate lunch on some rocks and cleaned our feet in the stream,
Turning out to be a great day we would soon deem.
Back to the car after 4 miles,
We enjoyed the hike and were nothing but smiles.

So the next time you think the day may be washed out,
Don’t cancel your plans or try to back out.
But go ahead and enjoy the day,

For the good Lord will bless you without delay!

prompt by: Amanda
written by: Joe

lovely water - eh?  I guess that's what happens when you get 3/4 inch of heavy rain within a few hours...

perfect spot for a lunch break by the lovely brown water - but dry rock!

seemed like an appropriate Dove chocolate candy statement for a hike

come on people - ugh photographers - haha!

Mary broke the Dove rule...

rock climbing success...?

Proof that I'm here!

photo-bombing his own photo

a few quick pics to document our time at the Eno

10,000 steps requires two thumbs up!