Thursday, July 7

twas the night before....

Twas the night before hiking, when all through the night,
Rain fell hard and landed with might.
The noises woke us up from our silent dreaming,
Off the roof and down the gutters the water was streaming.

The cats were nestled snugly in our bed,
Norman stretched out lying on my head.
Me in my pajamas and Joe in the buff,
Slowly drifted back to sleep strangely enough.

The cat feeders woke us up with their usual clatter,
Causing the kitties to quickly scatter.
We arose from our bed and looked through the blinds,
When doubts of going hiking entered our minds.

The ground was soggy and full of puddles,
Sure to make Eno full of struggles.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
Some friends to join us, we must persevere.

We started our hike and moved pretty quick,
Even though the trail was muddy and slick.
We hiked the hills and down by water,
The clouds kept us cool and it didn’t get much hotter!

We ate lunch on some rocks and cleaned our feet in the stream,
Turning out to be a great day we would soon deem.
Back to the car after 4 miles,
We enjoyed the hike and were nothing but smiles.

So the next time you think the day may be washed out,
Don’t cancel your plans or try to back out.
But go ahead and enjoy the day,

For the good Lord will bless you without delay!

prompt by: Amanda
written by: Joe

lovely water - eh?  I guess that's what happens when you get 3/4 inch of heavy rain within a few hours...

perfect spot for a lunch break by the lovely brown water - but dry rock!

seemed like an appropriate Dove chocolate candy statement for a hike

come on people - ugh photographers - haha!

Mary broke the Dove rule...

rock climbing success...?

Proof that I'm here!

photo-bombing his own photo

a few quick pics to document our time at the Eno

10,000 steps requires two thumbs up!

Tuesday, July 5

laundry day

excuse me while i keep these warm...

Friday, July 1

hello july

May and June were months of adventure of us.  Each weekend we tried to explore something new or something old but ultimately we just wanted to spend quality time together - learning to let go of the rat race that we seem to live in and just enjoy each others company. 

Generally speaking June was a quieter month than anticipated for business.  It was somewhat welcomed, but also hard to feel okay with it.  It was welcomed as it gave me time during the day to spend with friends, go to the pool, read books (currently Jane Austen), A LOT of running in the mornings, sewing project (thanks mom!) and of course more time in the evenings with Joe.  But hard, because it wasn't expected to be slow...  Now that July is here - that will change and my busy season will begin through the end of November.  

Monday, June 20

summer is officially here

As you may have noticed we've been trying to adventure a little more lately.  One of the biggest reasons is well, we've lived in our home for almost 8 years now and the house projects have finally ceased - for now at least...and we Joe decided that mowing the lawn during the week after work is also a good idea since it frees up our weekends.  why, yes-yes it does!

So far this summer {knock-on-wood} has been very cooperative in the weather department.  We've had hot days, but then days of 'cooler' temperatures as well.  can't complain there.  So when those cooler days arrive we have a need to play outside and I believe the rest of North Carolina does as well.  Saturday morning we packed up our gear and headed up to the Eno River in Durham to do a little adventuring.  Last month we went to the Rock Quarry area (post here), this time we headed to a different section.  We've done some of these hikes before, but it's been awhile and well who cares as long as the company is enjoyable.

See those tiny people above fishing? Then those below wading.  I'll pass on the brown water wading...

Well by-golly a bench for lunch.

Well 'hey' maybe there should be a picture of me in here somewhere?