Thursday, October 9


Sweater: UO, Jeans: Target, Boots: DSW

I feel like it's been awhile since I've written a blog post....  and it definitely has.  I've been consumed with my two jobs and taking care of a house.  nothing new there.  BUT, it is October and my photography has been busy which I am so ever grateful for. 

Autumn is definitely my favorite season and for good reason:

burning our wood fire place
heat blankets
fluffy kitties {who love to sleep on my heat blanket}
hot chocolate
cuddly oversized pajamas
cozy, fuzzy socks
scarves, hats and boots
harry potter weekends {it's festive for halloween right?}
pumpkin spice lattes
more frequent hot baths {of course using LUSH products}
wearing my hair down {hardly do in the summer since it's too hot}
the feeling that the holidays are approaching
decorating the house for the season

What are you excited for around this time of the year?

Tuesday, September 23

maine part VI - early wake up call

thank you iPhone

There is nothing better than getting a phone call at 4:38am from your security company that something triggered your home alarm to go off.... Thankfully when we returned their call, the police searched around the house and didn't find anything.  phew.  Our cat sitter went to go check on the cats later that morning and said that a kitchen window planter was in the sink.  We assume one of those flea bags knocked the planter over and triggered the alarm.  The words, "Norman looked guilty" was also included in the message from our cat sitter.  I wasn't surprised at all.  bad kitties!

So once again we were both up early, but that's okay since it's our last morning here and we needed to get ready to head out soon.  I opted out of bringing my camera that morning, but still had my trusty iPhone to take a few photos.  After breakfast it was time to hit the road, 3 hours south to Portland.  A few years ago when we were in Portland it was recommended that we go to Duckfat and when we arrived we ended up driving around in circles and couldn't find a parking spot so we never went in.  This year we made it to Duckfat. and it was delightful!  However, after lunch we both agreed that when we got home that we were going back to our healthier eating habits since we had eaten out a lot and wasn't always the healthiest options.  oh well, we were on vacation and did a ton of hiking so maybe they cancel each other out, right?

Monday, September 22

maine part V - cold, gloomy, blustery day

Gardens on the grounds of Bar Harbour Inn

Acadia Mountain (hike)

thank you iPhone 

thank you iPhone

Great Meadow

Thunder Hole

Monument Cove

Otter Point and Otter Cliff

We knew our last full day in Maine was possibly going to be shortened with the chances afternoon showers...  We slept in until 5:57am which was great and then headed out to the docks on that overcast morning to capture some of the dinghies and the fog that had rolled in.

We had an early start to Acadia in hopes to get as much in as possible before the rain arrived.  Our first stop was to hike Acadia Mountain (3 mile loop).  It was a very grey and windy day.  Every overlook was brief to photograph since we were hot hiking up, but then when we stopped we would get cold quickly due to the wind.

With the last few days of strenuous hiking we decided to do a little driving with stops at points of interest.  The first stop was the Great Meadow and ended up walking around a mile to get there.  It was very marshy, but beautiful and one of the first places we notice a bit of fall foliage.  Then back to thunder hole which had more splash than the previous visit, but still no thunder.  Next stop was Monument Cove as there were a bunch of seagulls and other birds sitting on the cliffs and finally to Otter Point and Otter Cliffs and walked another few miles.  On our walk back it started to drizzle, I tucked the camera under my shirt and a very brisk walk back to the car.  We got in the car just as it started to pour, perfect timing!

We hadn't eaten lunch yet and it was nearly 4pm and headed to the Fish House Grill for a very late lunch or early dinner.  Last minute shopping and off to bed.

Friday, September 19

maine part IV - a full day of goodness

North and South Bubble

thank you iPhone

thank you iPhone

 Even though we are on vacation our internal clock still wakes us up at 5:30AM… I guess we could blame this on owning cats and their incessant meowing that begins every morning at 5AM to be fed.  In this case (being on vacation) and having no animals to care for, we decided to go ahead and get up anyway and walk down the gravel path outside our hotel to the water at balancing rock to watch the sunrise.

 After breakfast we headed to Acadia hoping for a much better day of hiking.  We started with an easy trail around Jordan Pond, which by the way is the clearest lake in Maine with visibility normally at 46ft deep and is used as a water source for drinking.  On the trail we saw a small snake, a few frogs, red squirrels (which are the cutest things by the way) and loon(bird).  The loon echoed throughout the lake and at first it sounded almost like a coyote.  It definitely has an eerie call (you can listen to one here).  Later we did see the bird in the water from afar, but still too far for pictures.  Half way around the lake we decided to try another strenuous trail (not with iron ladders and steep grades like the day priory Precipes trail) to hike to the summit of the South Bubble.  I don't like heights and I was iffy if I was even going to make it to the top of this one, but sure enough I did.  Here we ate our lunch and marveled at the view of the lake and scenery.  We could see as far as Long Pond and even the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.  As we continued onward, I was very thankful as steep of a hike up that there was a much more moderate way down the backside of the mountain.  Once we made it to the bottom, we then finished the rest of the way around Jordan Pond and stopped at the Jordan Pond House for a bite to eat.  They are famous for their popovers smothered in butter and strawberry jam with tea.  I chose blueberry tea (which is another thing Maine is famous for) and I had been itching to try it.  We also chose a plate of cheese with chutney, candied walnuts, honey and bread.  Yum!  On our way out I also purchased chocolate covered blueberries and almonds from the gift store.  I am pretty sure I won't be sharing these!

 We figured since we were here and well fed we may as well hike the North Bubble.  Half way up the mountain we realized we ran out of water! Ahhh!  Thankfully we only had 1/8 of a mile left to the top.  This hike didn't have quite as nice of a view as the South Bubble, but none the less beautiful.  

 After a full day of strenuous hiking (6+ miles) we were beat!  For dinner we chose Gaylyn's Restaurant.  sadly enough for the early bird special which was before 6pm, so is that really THAT early right?  After dinner we took an evening stroll around town of Bar Harbor, had an ice cream sundae and picked up blue berry black tea from the tea shop. Yum!