Tuesday, February 7

wintergreen, not the gum, the slopes

I recently remembered that hadn't posted any pictures from our day trip to Wintergreen.  I'm so use to making pictures on my camera, not my cell phone.  So this one just sorta slipped by me...

Last minute Joe decided to take a day off work and drive up to Virginia to ski for the day.  It made perfect sense...  most of the east coast had been 'closed' for a few days the weekend prior due to a winter storm and being Friday before a holiday weekend...  NO ONE, I mean no one was there.  We had to wait in zero lines the entire day, the majority of the slopes and lifts were open, the weather was in the 40's and it was overcast and we will call it "powdery" for east coast.  Everything was amazing besides our lunch and that was redeemed later with a soft pretzel so I'll let that one slide.  Otherwise a fun day trip skiing.

hello february

Well hey February.  It's nice to see you!  It's February 7th and I JUST changed the calendar.  Whoops!  Things we will just say have been a little hectic over here so the calendar change hasn't been on the priority list.  It happens, right?  However, I may as well have waited to go straight to March as it feels like spring outside here in North Carolina.  The warm spring air I have welcomed with open arms with the exception of my allergies.  They've decided to come early and put a damper on my outdoor running.  So instead I stay indoors and eat chocolate.  Just kidding!  well maybe.  ha!

Wednesday, January 11


50mm - ISO 250 - f/2.8 - 1/400ss

My little daydreamer (Norman)...  both cats love to sit and sleep in our front bay-window.  They love to bask in the sun as it's a south facing window they get some sort of warmth most of the day.  They also love watching the birds fly around the big bradford pear tree and stalk the rabbits that munch on our flowers.  Norman especially loves those big ole doves that pickup the leftover seeds on the ground.  He even enjoys people watching in the late evening.

I can only imagine what goes on in those little noggins of theirs.  BUT if I were thinking what he wishes for in this image... it would be spring.  When all those beautiful animals lay foot in "his" lawn again...  me too Norm...  me too...

Thursday, January 5

hello new year.

and you get a cat.  a cat who refused to look at the camera.

Well hello 2017!  I contemplated not taking photos of the stendig calendar changing anymore; but Joe said, "well take photos of me this month".  Well okay!  So instead you get to see this handsome fellow change the calendar and Contessa looking pretty.

Happy New Year to ya!

Wednesday, December 21

San Francisco - part iii

As there is a 3 hour difference from the east to west coast it was rather easy to make the sunrise at Vista View of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I was definitely not the only photographer there.

We continued our way to the Point Bonita Lighthouse (foggy area below).  However, the walking through tunnel to get there was closed until the afternoon.  Unfortunately, we were not able to make it back.  However, we did enjoy listening to the waves crash on the rocks below and the pretty view.

The lighthouse is behind that giant rock, but loving the warm golden light.

As we were leaving (in the car), we decided to make a roundabout for some reason into a parking lot where we met a Coyote.  I have a feeling people would feed him as he was not shy from us (or our car - which we stayed in).  Joe didn't even want me to roll the window down (too bad - it had to happen).

Next stop was Sausalito.  It was a beautiful day walking amongst the sailboats and quaint little town to adventure, eat and shop of course.

Next stop was the Bay Model.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model is a working hydraulic scale model of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta System.  We spent about an hour or so there listening to the audio where it walked you around to different stops. The center is approximately 2 football fields.  Quite a large model.  It wasn't really my thing, but it was still interesting to learn about how it operates and what it was used for.  You'll have to use the google machine on that one.  (:

During our honeymoon we had one picture in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, because our camera died right when we got there.  This time we made sure we had a fully charged camera and took ample pictures.  We even walked about halfway across the bridge.

Cute little guy.

Joe was so proud of his little rainbow.

From here we will say farewell San Fran.  It was nice seein' ya again.