Friday, April 11

sometimes things like this just happen...





I've taken the last few days off of work just to have some me time.  You know check some things off of the to do list, run at my leisure, photograph whatever I want, relax, read, sit outside, do nothing, etc. etc.  Yesterday I decided to pull out one of my new photography props, thank you husband for making this tree bed.  I was hoping to photograph one of the cats on it and Contessa was my first model.  Norman wanted nothing to do with it.  I was surprised she laid down on it so easily.  I took a few pictures, then attempted to put a hat on her and then it all over so off I went to the office to edit.  I remember thinking to myself, where is Norman?  He usually follows me in the office to nap while I work.  No sign...  So I headed back to the prop room and low and behold he found himself a nice little bed.  As Joe would say, laying there in all his glory.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 2

april, one of my favorite months.


April is one of my favorite months of the year.  After four long months of cold gloomy weather, the sun starts to linger in the sky longer and photosynthesis is in full swing.  While Spring flowers and trees begin to bloom of course allergies come with it.  that I am not a fan of.  The heavy sweaters are gently stored under the bed and the coats are put back in the closet.  The jeans still stick around, but tee's, dresses and bare feet are ready to come out and play.  April is also the time of year for Spring cleaning.  Spring cleaning in the English household is on a whole other level compared to some.  Each year I go through all of our clothes.  his and hers.  This year, I decided to empty and paint every closet in our house.  good idea and bad idea.  Of course that meant that I may as well do a mass clean out and reorg of everything in the closet.  I'm sure many of you loathe going through things, but for some reason I find enjoyment in it.  Organizing and cleaning my house in some weird way is soothing.  Maybe it is the out with the old and in with the new.  It also gives me time to declutter my mind...  refresh my soul.

Tuesday, March 18

it's a life lately type of post today...

As most of you know and visit this little ole space on the interweb of mine probably enjoy an array of the small piece of my life that I share.  Maybe you like seeing my style posts, adventure's like this one, real life or just everything.  Typically, my blog posts revolve around what is going on in my life and lately it's just been busy!  Even though it's been winter and photography hasn't been quite as busy...  and adventuring outside is minimal due to the very cold winter we've had, but we've rather stayed inside and worked on house projects.  I figured our home projects aren't all that exciting to post here, so I don't.  You would see more of those posts on instagram (@adoenglish) along with other random tid-bits.

I've also decided to keep my personal blog separate from my business Amanda English Photography.  If you want to follow my other blog you can find me here!  On a side note, this spring is going to keep me very busy and will consume my weekends which is awesome for my business!  However, it can be tough to find free time with a full-time weekday job, and a part-time photography job on the weekends.  None the less, I truly enjoy photography, so I will keep working at what I love to do.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Wednesday, March 12

spring inspiration

ALL images via Pinterest

This Winter has felt extremely long...  I'm not even sure that we had an Autumn?  I think we went straight from Summer to Winter and it still feels like Winter with the exception of the last two days with high's in the 70's-80.  However, tomorrow will be back to cold, rainy and dreary.  The month of January and February felt like we had a Winter advisory almost every other week.  Very strange for North Carolina.  I'm starting to get a severe case of Spring fever.  I miss adventures outdoors like hiking, evening walks and runs, visiting the colorful gardens, green leaves on the trees, sitting outside on our patio watching the birds sing and bunnies hop around in our backyard, the smell of fresh cut grass and that warmth on your skin that just gives you that glowing feeling.  I miss it all.  I just hope that Spring doesn't bypass us like the Autumn did and go straight to Summer!

Wednesday, March 5

a few snowdays...

Jacket: Heylee B., Sweatshirt: J. Crew, Jeans: BDG, Boots: Hunter, Beanie: HM

I feel like I haven't blogged on Eloquent English in a few weeks....  apologies!  For the last few weeks I have been taking advantage of the inclement weather.  We've had snow days, more snow days and even ice storm days.  No complaints here as that means I get to stay home, sit inside for a bit, read a book, drink some sort of hot beverage, coffee for me please, light a fire and cuddle under a blanket with the hubs.  seriously no complaints.  But at some point the husband says, time to get up.  Let's go outside.  That's when I photographed snow, ice and whatever else looked interesting.  Because well, here in North Carolina that doesn't happen often.