Monday, August 18

summer lovin'

top: Free People (TJ maxx), jeans: BDG, shoes: Target, necklace: UO + Target

Life has been really busy to get the pair of us out to take an outfit post.  it happens.  Last week I took a few days off from work to do some stuff at home and take an online class.  it felt really good...  I was thankful that Joe was able to work from home on Friday and we could spend a little time together, including this little photo opportunity we had.  We've had some rather ah-mazing cooler Summer days this past weekend and decided to take a day trip to Hanging Rock to do some hiking on our sixth wedding anniversary.  I'll post some pictures hopefully later this week.  happy monday to ya.

Friday, August 15

an anniversary

Six years ago on August 16th I married this man of mine.  It is crazy how time passes by so quickly, it felt like we were just married yesterday.  I love him more today, than each day prior.  He is the love of my life.  

♥ Happy Anniversary Joe 

Wednesday, August 13

rain rain go away

Raleigh Farmer's Market

Raleigh Farmer's Market

Raleigh Farmer's Market

Raleigh Farmer's Market

Raleigh Farmer's Market

Raleigh Farmer's Market

Raleigh Farmer's Market

Raleigh Farmer's Market

Raleigh Farmer's Market

This morning the sun is shining and it looks like we'll be seeing the sunshine for the next few days!  finally.  In the last month we have seen nothing be grey skies and rain and more rain and more rain...  Our state is one soggy mess, however have welcomed a little cooler but still somewhat humid summer.  We've have had 13+ inches of rain in the last 30 days which is almost 9 inches above normal.  However, I'd rather have rain than a drought any day of the week, plus I get to wear my cute little green wellies.

Thursday, August 7

as the calendar rolls back...

stendig calendar - eloquent english

cat - eloquent english

that means it's August... it also means that is a new month...

August hasn't started out on the best foot for our household.  Last week I had a chemical reaction to a prescription skincare product that I hadn't used in over a month and Joe we think got into either poison ivy, sumac or oak while playing disc golf.  So apparently skin afflictions are our thing this month.

Over the weekend we had some cooler, rainy weather which appears to be the norm as this week appears much the same.  Most of the time I would welcome this type of weather, but it did put a damper on some things we had going on.  oh well, first world problems, right?  Then to add to it the husband isn't a fan of having downtime, none the less being locked in a house due to the monsoon weather.  I'm sure watching all 8 Harry Potter movies didn't help the situation either.  not a fan of hp.  poop on him.  So hopefully this weekend, we will both embrace the cooler rainy weather.  I know the cats love it, it just means mommy and daddy get to stay home with those little flea bags.  i do heart them.

Monday, July 28

haters gonna hate. downtown raleigh photographer.


There is nothing like a Saturday morning when you finally feel like you can sleep in.  However, when your husband has been up for at least an hour and a half, has had several cups of coffee and you peek one eye open and he is staring right at you while you are trying to sleep it disrupts your idea of sleeping in anymore.  Staring at me is his way of 'nicely' waking me up because he is bored and wants to go do something.  yes at 7am on a saturday.

Joe knows I'm always on the hunt for new places to photograph clients.  So in the wee hours while he was awake he searched for urban spots in downtown Raleigh.  So on an empty stomach, I got dressed, grabbed a cup of coffee to go and to downtown Raleigh we went.  We walked around for at least an hour until Joe we decided it was time for breakfast.  Joe's comment, well aren't we the hipsters walkin' around downtown Raleigh early on a Saturday morning heading to a hippie breakfast spot.  yep.