Thursday, February 4

snuggle bums

Norman (left) and Contessa (right)

20% of the time Norman is chasing Contessa, biting her or sitting on her to get her to move out of her spot or stealing her food, etc...  As I type this post there is currently a cat 'fight' downstairs and poor little Contessa is probably hiding under the couch.  The joys of pet ownership...  BUT the other 80% of the time they are nice to each other and there are sweet moments like this that reminds me that they do like each other and are friends.  most of the time - thankfully.

I heart them.

Wednesday, February 3

hello february.

It's February 3 and I'm finally getting around to blogging and even changing the calendar month - oops!  This little ole space of mine has been severely neglected and I feel a little sad about that, but tomorrow is another day.  So happy February to ya and thanks Punxsutawney Phil for not seeing your shadow - see ya soon spring!

Friday, January 29

taking stock: part 4

Making: necklace dreamcatchers for a photoshoot coming at the end of april.
Cooking: a recipe a sweet friend wrote in our guest room journal - chicken francaise.
Drinking: peppermint tea.
Reading: still reading Heaven by Randy Alcorn.  It might take me awhile - it's a long (and great!) book.
Listening: to live on forever by the afters.
Wanting: for my birthday present to arrive - L.L. Bean Boots (mid-March).
Looking: forward to the new year, new adventures and travel list.
Wasting: away time putting together puzzles during the cold winter months.
Sewing: a button on a jacket.
Wishing: that it would snow more often.
Enjoying: a snow day with the hubs.
Waiting: for Joe to get off work.
Liking: my quiet winter season - advantage of being an outdoor photographer.
Wondering: what this year is going to bring.
Loving: being home all the time.  love.
Hoping (praying): i start to sleep better and not let my mind wander on worthless things.
Marveling: at my dear friend Mary's musical talent (pianist).  such an amazing person inside-and-out.
Needing: nothing.
Smelling: the wonderful crackling wood burning fire.
Wearing: pajamas all day, every day.
Following: my dream.
Noticing: changes in my outlook.
Knowing: that this life on earth is short and to focus on Jesus, not the things of this world.
Thinking: about the adventures and worship in Heaven and of course hanging out with Jesus.
Bookmarking: pages in my bible to re-read.  i'm not sure I have enough bookmarks to do this!
Opening: ebay purchase and client orders.
Giggling: is such a bubbly word - not sure i like it.
Feeling: alright today.

PS - I LOVE this man of mine.

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Saturday, January 2

hello january

I needed a little help with the new calendar.  Enter Joe.

It's a Saturday and it's January... anddddd it finally feels like winter.  For the last month or two it's been rain, rain and more rain with warm temperatures.  nearly shorts weather...  So I'm welcoming the cold so I can finally wear my winter wardrobe, until I'm over it in February and want it to be warm again.

OH and tomorrow I turn thirty-three.  33.  THIRTY-THREE.  No matter how I type it I'm going to be Thirty-THREE.  seriously where does the time go!?

Wednesday, December 23


you find little gems like this while looking for a photo...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!