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Tuesday, January 21

a rainy, quiet weekend ski trip


Thursday we arrived to beautiful sunny afternoon at Snowshoe.  High in the mid-30's.  Our first stop is tradition.  We always stop at the bottom of the mountain to wander the shops and of course pickup some fudge (cookies and cream and chocolate caramel nut were our contenders this year).  Once we were checked in and unpacked, we walked around the village shops at the top of the mountain to make use of our legs.  Prior to dinner we played FRIENDS trivia (the owners of the lodge must love FRIENDS as this game was the drawer along with a FRIENDS mug).  After a late dinner we were fast asleep by 9pm.  Around 1:30am we were awoken by the fire alarm.  Fortunately, it didn't last long and we were back to sleep in no time.  Thankfully we didn't have to go stand outside in the cold in the middle of the night.  That would have been fun.

Early Friday morning we heard water dripping from the balcony.  That is never a good sign with plans to ski.  Either, A it is warm enough to make the snow/ice melt or B it is raining.  The latter was true, it was raining and clouds were hovering over us.  After studying in the word and eating a wonderfully large breakfast, we headed out to the slopes.  Within an hour the rain was already starting to soak through our 'waterproof' layer. so we had to return to the lodge to dry out.  I think that's a sign we need to re-waterproof our gear!  I hung the clothes in the bedroom to dry while Joe went out to the village to find rain ponchos.  apparently only on the east coast one would need a poncho to ski in January.  The sky cleared a little for the majority of the afternoon skiing, then more rain arrived and we headed in for the night.  It was a good thing we snapped a few photos early Friday afternoon.  

Saturday we woke up to roaring winds, heavy fog and dripping water from the balcony.  So after another wonderful morning of studying and eating a big breakfast, we headed out to the slopes.  we were a little fearful of the 100 percent chance rain and wind gusts.  We were surely thankful in purchasing the ponchos the day prior.  We made it down about 2 runs and had to put the ponchos on.  Shortly thereafter it was a torrential down pour with gusty winds!  We were sitting on the lift holding the hood over our heads and the rest of it over our knees to stay as dry as possible.  We knew at that point it was time to go in for a bit.  After lunch the rain had stopped and the fog had rolled out and we were able to have another enjoyable afternoon of skiing.  The crowds were at a minimum, assuming the weather finished everyone off.

Saturday overnight was expecting 1-2 inches of fresh snow.  Murphy's law I presume.  None the less we had a great time away from home.  It would have been nice to have better ski conditions, however you have to make the best of what you get.

Monday, March 4


 photo Wintergreen-4_zps450d503c.jpg

 photo Wintergreen-5_zps218b1259.jpg
are you seeing double?  i know i am...  i tried to pull off being a triplet, but i just didn't make the cut.

 photo Wintergreen-2_zps6fc3d435.jpg

 photo Wintergreen-3_zps505b24dc.jpg

 photo Wintergreen-6_zpsda2a7ab6.jpg

Lately, I've had a block on writing...  maybe it's the cold weather and lack of wanting to go outside to play.  unless we are skiing, what else is there to do in the winter months outside?  As much as I love the winter with all the snow, fires, s'mores, skiing, etc.  I'm finally starting to get the itch for spring.  I'm ready to frolic in the sun and flowers!

okay, i would like to get in one or two more days of skiing!  who would have known this florida girl would love skiing so much?

Thursday, January 31

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #50: hit the slopes!

Dear Snowshoe, I miss you...  if you missed reading about our recent ski trip, you can read about it here.  Dear North Carolina Mountains, you are going to have to do today!  bring on the snow!  Dear Husband, if you don't like the way I iron your shirts, you will have to iron them yourself!  You had recommended that I attend ironing school?  really?  you think you are sooooooooooooo funny!  ironing school.  HA!  Dear Cat Contest People, I submitted 8 pictures to you this week to get my sweet little kittens in your page-a-day calendar.  you know they are the cutest kittens ever.  don't question it.  just pick them!  Friday's Letters Linkup

hit the slopes!

I love to ski.  You'd probably know that if you read my post earlier this week on our trip to snowshoe.  AND as you are reading this I'm playing hookie and out skiing today!  have a great weekend!

Monday, January 28

the mountains at snowshoe...

on top of the mountain

 photo Snowshoe-3_zpsbe8f3866.jpg

 photo Snowshoe-2_zps804e7cd5.jpg

 photo Snowshoe-4_zps16e780e1.jpg

Each winter, Joe and I trek up the West Virginia mountains to Snowshoe.  This year a snowstorm hit the state a week or so before our trip.  Thank goodness, otherwise we would have been skiing all greens.  However, once we arrived a warm front swept through and made it a little warmer than we would have cared for.  Bringing sun, rain and fog...everything but more snow.  None the less, we had a wonderful time.  I even skied my first double black diamond without licking any snow.  You might have remembered my instagram pictures and each of our snow licking count on this post.  

morning sunrises from our balcony

 photo Snowshoe-1_zpsbc463991.jpg

 photo Snowshoe-7_zps151dc50c.jpg
that's a frozen lake (above) if you were wondering...

 photo Snowshoe-6_zps06f3a5ae.jpg

Every year we stay at the same place.  It's a small quaint condo and rather comfortable and cozy.  It has everything we need.  well minus a fireplace, which I guess would be a want rather than a need.  One of our favorite things is waking up early in the morning to watch the sunrise.  We both typically wake up before the crack of dawn anyways.  Once we are up we make an extremely large breakfast and maybe a little breakfast cocktail and wait for the sun to rise.  then off to the slopes for the day!

You might remember this picture below if you follow me on instagram @ eloquentenglish.  The husband caught me in action as I was capturing our last sunrise, in my pajamas, wearing my green wellies.  classic.

Monday, January 14

eat, drink, sleep, ski...

Instagram @ eloquentenglish 

Row 1: ski day #1 - lookin' like a great day, warm day - little river, my first double black diamond!
Row 2: first morning sunrise, sportin' the spyder gear, beautiful view
Row 3: handsome hubby, ski day #2 - foggy, rain, wind, night skiing
Row 4: ski day #3 - beautiful colors, bottoms up!, nearing the end of day #3 (sundown)
Row 5: hello!, atomic + rossignol - cute skis, this is how he rides the lift
Row 6: valley on the western territory, gotta get that shot (wellies + pj's), sunset day #3

Well if you follow me on instagram, I probably blew up your news feed near the end of last week and over the weekend.  Joe and I were skiing at Snowshoe, West Virginia.  boy do i love that place!  Every year is always a new challenge, whether it's a wind chill below zero, tons of snow, snow drought, rain + fog or even t-shirt weather we always have a great time!  always a story to tell...  This year was my first year going down a double black diamond!  nope no snow licking...  in other words I didn't eat any snow coming down the double black.  I would have gone down it last year, however, with the snow drought of 2012 the double black diamonds weren't open.

2013 Snow Licking Count
Amanda - 1
Joe - 4*

*The husband gets an asterisk by his name as he is a super skier.  He may do a lot more dumb things skiing that I do to fall.  By dumb I mean go 84+ mph down a slope.  no joke!  I have an app on my phone called Ski Tracks which clocks your speed among many other things.  Oh and my speed, it's about half of that.  Joe would consider it snail pace, I just call it safe.

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