Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

I decided to go a more uplifting route and write about about someone who has helped me recently.

Yasmeen Ghazy
(left to right Amanda (hostess), Celeste (Bride to be), and Yazz (hostess)
For the last month Yazz and I have been planning a Bridal Shower for Celeste. We started planning in May and the Bridal Shower was this past weekend on Saturday, June 11th. Our theme was the 'Kentucky Derby', so all of the lovely ladies who attended wore dresses and big hats. It was a wonderful time and I couldn't have done it without her.

Group photo
Our Menu
Finger Sandwiches
Cheese & Crackers
Veggie Tray
Fruit Bowl
Mini Muffins
Breakfast Casserole
Apple Pie

The Body Guard
(Norman was guarding some of the purses)
Hawaii Trivia
This is one of her Bridesmaid Lauren and the Bride to be Celeste.
We played Hawaii Trivia, this is where Mike and Celeste are going on their honeymoon.
Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game
Each team was made up of 4-5 guests and 1 of the team members was selected to be the 'Bride'. Each team was given 6 rolls of TP and 15 minutes to design a dress for Celeste. Then it was fashion show time and Celeste was the judge to pick her favorite dress!

(From left to right, Jacqueline, Yasmeen (winner!), Celeste, Mallory)
Celeste's Fiance (Mike) had baked cookies and a pie, but the Bride to be was too excited and forgot to bring them! Too funny! Little did she know Mike was going to make a surprise visit with flowers. ;) Unfortunately, we didn't call him in time to see if he could stop by with the cookies and pie. I thought that would have been even more funny if he came in hand with them! All turned out wonderful though!
Sweet Mike brought Celeste flowers!
The After Party...
They were tuckered out after all the excitement. =)
(Norman left and Contessa right)

I also want to give a special Thank You to Joe! He woke up extra early to work on the backyard. He also stayed the entire time at the house to help keep things organized. He also was a ladies man and all the woman would talk to him when they passed the kitchen. Woman sure do love him! I'm lucky lady! After the party was over, Joe helped Yazz and I clean everything up. He also washed every single dish while Yazz and I tidied up!!! Thanks Joe!


  1. I'm so glad the shower turned out well! I'm also glad you're one day ahead of me on this challenge. I remember reading Day 13's prompt and thinking a) that's a bit too personal for a public blog, b) no one has hurt me recently, and c) how lame is it to call someone out like that in a blog. So I'm totally stealing your spin on the topic tomorrow and will be featuring someone who has helped me out recently!

    Keep it up, girly!

  2. Joe gave me the idea, b/c I felt the same way as a) and b). Guess I just have some really awesome friends! ANDDDDD I may have just jinxed myself! HA!


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