Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

Unique adj \yu-nek\ is defined as:

1: being the only one: sole
2: a: being without a like or equal: unequaled
b: distinctively charactgeristic: peculiar
3: unusual

  1. Type A (definite list maker)
  2. Early Riser (but still need a lot of sleep/rest to function)
  3. Affectionate
  4. Gift Giver (love to shop)
  5. I love clothes & shoes (try to keep up with trends)
  6. I love Velveeta Shells & Cheese
  7. Caring & Compassionate
  8. Animal Lover (especially kitties of course!)
  9. I'm a Princess (at least that's what Joe tells me)
  10. I'm artistic (painting and photography)

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