Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Messy Quick Up-do

This is my hairdo for today! This only took about 5-7 minutes. You will need at least 20 bobby pins and and maybe a few hair pins depending on how thick your hair is. You could use hairspray if you wanted, but I didn't.

Bobby Pin (left) and Hair Pin (right)
The first step is to take 1/3 of your hair and pin it with a few bobby pins. This is just to get some of it up and out of your face. You can pull it straight back, add some poof, pull it to the side, or leave some bangs out? Totally up to you. I decided to do a little poof and then pull it a little to the side. Note: The best way to help hold hair with bobby pins is to have them cross (overlap) in an X at the base of your hair.
Once the 1/3 of hair has been pinned securely, you will pull one section (about 1 inch wide) of hair from your left ear and pull it back to where you had placed the initial bobby pins. From here you will twist the hair a little into 1 loop against your head and secure with bobby pins. Repeat once on the right side. This will give you 2 big loops. Once you have done that, place the remainder of your hair in a pony tail. See 'BACK VIEW' image below.

You could probably stop at this point if your ponytail was pretty. My hair was very wavy today so I decided to keep going.
From here I start with the loops from the pony tail. Take small/medium size pieces of hair (1 inch thick), twist slightly and pin to your head. Sometimes you may need to use some hairpins to help keep the hair in place. Note: I don't use a mirror at all, I just kind of go with it. If you use a mirror you may try to perfect it too much and it will probably take longer to keep stopping and picking up a mirror.

It looked a little lopsided (probably b/c I don't use a mirror), but I just moved a pin or two to fix that after the picture was taken.


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