Monday, June 27, 2011

Our New Camera

Recently, we purchased a new camera! Sony Cyber-Shot 16.2 MP. We have just gotten our barrings on the camera as it has so many bells and whistles on it. It's going to be quite an adventure to figure out how to use it all! However, here are a few of our very first pictures.

We started with the Kitties! They had their first photo shoot. ;) Their was lots of yawning so they must have been very bored. PS - it came with a picture editing program, but I haven't delved into that yet... These pictures are as is with no editing.


I love that some of her toes are pink and some are black. =)
Norman is like a catfish, he has some serious whiskers!

We have at least 50 species (95% perennials) of flowers in our backyard... It's quite insane, but something we both enjoy working on.

'Cranberry Cupcake'
Blue Butterfly Scabiosa
'Pincushion Flower'
Blanket Flower
'Arizona Sun'
(you will sometimes see these growing in the sand of the Carolina beaches)
(approx 4.5 feet tall)
Chocolate Cosmos
This flower is very special to me... Joe and I visited this flower in Napa Valley, CA in Aug 2008. They don't sell them on the east coast and cannot be reproduced from seed. Only tubers bulbs, which look like small sweet potatoes. With that being said they are mainly grown in CA and WA state. We had 3 of them shipped to our house in the spring and they surround our centerpiece, the fountain.
Below is a picture of me in Napa Valley (Aug 2008) smelling the Chocolate Cosmos. It really does smell like chocolate! YUM!

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