Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wrapped French Braid

I love long hair! I think that having long hair gives you so many options (if you have a few minutes) to fix your hair! I wish I would have taken a picture of my hair yesterday, but I didn't... So I will at least show you what I did today!

Braided hairstyles have been adorned and appreciated for a long time. Everyone has grown up watching or embracing this hairstyle. It's definitely a fashion statement that always draws attention. I will say it is probably the most comfortable options for an updo for me. As far as the wrapped around french braid, there is no elastic tie, just 5 or 6 bobby pins to keep some of the hair up. I have a lot of hair, so keeping it in a ponytail means lots of headaches as my hair feels like it weighs 10lbs!

I started the braid near my right eye and traveled over my forehead area around to the back. The part is near the crown of my head to be covered later once wrapped all the way around.

The back can be a little trick once you get 3/4 of the way around, you have to switch your hand positioning. Once you get past your right ear, you can stop the french braid and continue with a normal braid. This is what is going to be used to cover up the part at the crown of your head. I drape the braid over the part (leave some ends piecy) and place 5 or 6 bobby pins in for it to stay.

With that being said, I have to give all my gratitude to my mother who taught me how to french braid. I remember sitting at my big brothers (David) baseball games when I was very young (<7 years old) and she would braid my hair and also teach me how to french braid on barbie dolls. I think loving to do fun things to hair, means I have to have at least 1 daughter! I don't think boys will appreciate me trying to braid their hair and put bows in them. ;)


  1. It's official -- you have to come over to my house every morning and do my hair from now on. I'll see you tomorrow morning bright and early. Bring bobby pins and a cup of coffee. :-P

  2. Megan, I'd be more than happy to do your hair for a special occasion if you ever need me to. I really love doing hair. =)

  3. oooooO!! I want to try that.


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