Monday, July 25, 2011

American Tobacco Trail 10-miler (reliving the Chicago Marathon of 2006)

Joe and I have run a few races since we've been dating, including a marathon, 10-milers, 10K's and 5K's. I think that marathon has still tainted our minds and are still on the road to recovery. The marathon was October 22, 2006 in Chicago. 5 years ago from the (American Tobacco Trail) ATT 10-miler we just signed up for on October 22, 2011.

Reliving an old injury...
Joe and I had just met at this point and were just friends... He had convinced me that this marathon was a great idea as Grant Thornton, LLP was going to pay for the entire trip. He thought Chicago for FREE! Sure let's do it! The 4 month training for the marathon started June 2006. 1 month into training I started getting pain/numbness/tingling that went into one of my legs (hip to toe). I went to the doctor and they had done x-rays and tests and finally decided I needed to go to therapy due to a pinched sciatic nerve. They told me I had to take some time off running... Of course this didn't go over well as I was 1 month into training for a marathon. Not too long after therapy had started, the pain/numbness/tingling started to go into BOTH legs. This was a very scary experience... Additional days physically therapy were tacked on for each week... This was the point where they said OKAY you shouldn't run this race at all, as I was in therapy for 2 months at this point. I had only one month of training left when I was finally released from physical therapy. Being young and naive and had only run maybe 10 miles at my most decided I was still going to go and run it. Stupid right! So off to Chicago we went with 1 month of training for me... Joe the good boyfriend he was decided to stay with me the entire marathon. He probably could have at least knocked 1 hour off his time, but I think he was pretty nervous about my injury and being such a large unfamiliar city.

Reliving 5 years ago...
Chicago Pre-Race Day
October 22, 2006
When I say 'we ran that city'... We really did 26.2 miles...
The cap for the race is 40,000 people. Only 33,618 people finished that year.
Pre-Race Hour...
We still look happy here... It seems like every year you hear about the Chicago Marathon it's either extremely cold or extremely hot. Obviously by the picture, this year it was extremely cold. A cold front had come in and it was about 40 degrees, windy, and misty rain. The high was going to be 46 degrees. Luckily we were (sort of) prepared with the right gear. I put my tights on, my head band, a sweatshirt and gloves. I don't think either of us broke a sweat during that 26.2 miles.
Can you tell by our faces how we feel?

American Tobacco Trail 10-miler
We signed up yesterday for the American Tobacco Trail 10-miler. We were registrants #3 and #4, so I'm hoping our bib #'s are #3 and #4! 10 miles sounds like nothing compared to 26.2 miles! This race is held on Saturday, October 22. This race is limited to 500 people as it is on an old trail that isn't that wide.

Fortunately, when we run long runs, this is the trail we run. =) The head of the trail is very, very close to our house. Training will begin 3 weeks from today. I think I will be doing a weekly post to see if I'm staying on track with the schedule. We start training on Monday, August 15th. Of course 2 days before we go on vacation! That may put a damper on week #1.


  1. Hey now, where's your mention of your awesome friend, Ashley running the race too!!!! :P

  2. Are you officially signed up!?!?!?!?


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