Friday, July 29, 2011

Beach Waves

If you are like me, I hate spending time doing my hair in the summer. It's just too hot to sit under a blow drier for 30minutes straightening it, dragging out the flat iron and sweating right after taking a shower. Once I'm done blow drying I feel like I need to take another shower! Then after I step foot outdoor my hair turns into a poof ball due to the humidity! Megan witnessed this first hand a few weekends ago! That just feels like a wasted effort!

Sometimes I see my hair texture as a good thing and sometimes as a bad thing. I don't have straight or curly hair. I have an uneven strange wave? This can make doing my hair fixing a daunting task as I can't just let it air dry to be straight... or curly... It can go straight just fine (minus the blow dry time) and and then can also hold a curl (if I curl it). That statement doesn't really hold true for the summer, but it does for fall, winter, and spring. So regardless of my hair type I have to do something with it every time I wash my hair.

Beach Waves
Several months ago I started trying out the 'beach wave' look. It has taken me quite a few tries to figure out what is best for my hair. I tried each 'attempt' several times to see how it went...

First attempt: I did 2 buns, hair slightly damp: Half of my hair up and half down with buns (no hair tie involved, just hair pins).
Second attempt: I did 1 bun at the nape of my neck, hair slightly damp (again, no hair tie involved, just hair pins). I found this left my right side (front) looking awesome, but the left side looked awkward... This led to the idea of attempt #3...
Third attempt: I did 2 buns at the nape of my neck, hair quickly blown dry to get the moisture out (again, no hair tie involved, just hair pins). However, I would assume that if you have pin straight hair, leaving your hair damp might be a better option to hold the wave.

The third attempt has been my best option yet... I will say it looks a 'little' like Princess Leia at night, but it worked for me... More details below:

After I've washed my hair I usually let my hair air dry for a bit so it doesn't take but 10 minutes to blow dry (yes I have a ton of hair) and get the dampness out. Once I'm done air drying I put tresemme volume mousse in my hair and a little wax for the frizz.

Then the blow drying begins. Once I'm done drying I will split my hair into 2 sections. The right hair section be twisted tightly going counter clockwise, then placed into a bun. To me twisting my hair counter clockwise feels 'normal'. I place about 5-6 hair pins on that side to secure it tightly. The left bun will be twisted tightly going clockwise. To me twisting my hair clockwise feels 'awkward'. I place about 5-6 hair pins on that side to secure it tightly. Once I'm done I sleep in it over night to let it set.

By twisting your hair see image below. Then continue twisting around into a bun.
Sleep tight Princess Leia!
This is not the best picture, but it at least shows you the 'waves'. I can typically wear my hair like this for 2-3 days without washing. This picture is day #1. Typically day #2 looks better.

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  1. I will def be trying this the next time I take a shower.


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