Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 06- A pair of pants that aren’t jeans.

A pair of pants that aren't jeans? I don't know if I can find any in my closet? Working in an office setting definitely requires to have pants that are not jeans. I've been in an 'office' setting since 2004, meaning 7 years of accumulating dress pants and suits. My closet ranges from black's, navy's, grey's, light blue's, brown's, khaki's, cream's and white's. Some are solid, plaid, striped, or small checkered. Some are light weight wool, linen, stretch, or cotton/polyester. Even with a wide range of about 25 pair of pants I still get bored with my options. Maybe I should get some brighter, not so professional colors. =)
(dress pant collection minus winter pants)
Banana Republic
(Martin Fit)
The majority of my pants are from Banana Republic. I typically wear the 'Martin Fit'. It's a mid-rise and straight silhouette pant. Probably their most popular fit. It's just like jeans, once you find that 'perfect fit' it's priceless. The average price for a pair of Banana Republic pants is $69.50 - $98.

Navy Blue Plaid
(close ups)

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