Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 08- Your most expensive article of clothing.

I've actually skipped over some of my 'most expensive articles of clothing'... On Day 05, I talked about my '7 For All Mankind' jeans. Those would be my most expensive articles of clothing I wear all the time capping at $225 for my all time favorite dark stretch 7's.

My other most expensive article of clothing is my wedding dress, but we can talk about that on a later date. =)

For now, I will say my Ugg's are probably one of my most expensive articles of 'clothing'. These were a gift from my sister in-law (Missy) this past Christmas (2010). I'm cold natured so these are absolutely amazing during the winter months! I could definitely invest in another pair, maybe the tall chocolate ones. Their is an early Christmas idea if i'd say so myself!

The average price for a pair of Women's Classic Short Ugg's are $150.

Women's Classic Short
Love the fuzziness!

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