Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 15- Your newest purchase.

Last Wednesday, July 13th Megan and I went shopping at Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh NC. She actually wrote her own blog post last week about our shopping trip and thought it was pretty funny and accurate. Megan said "We're actually good shopping partners for each other. Amanda, a self-proclaimed shopaholic, tends to buy less when I over analyze each of her purchases. Plus, she breaks me out of no-spending shell and talks me into purchases I wouldn't normally make." I would like to at least state that when I convince her to buy something it's reasonable and practical. I'd say 98% of the time she doesn't have buyers remorse! Megan is definitely my main shopping friend in the area and always look forward to our trips. Lot's of talking, coffee, and shopping is always the adventure!!! Now what girl could complain about having a friend like that! =) Love ya Meg! So here are my purchases from that day:

New York & Company
On sale from $34.95 to $9.95
New York & Company is not a store I would traditionally go in, however Megan wanted to go and it was a good idea as they were having a HUGE sale! For example, the new work shirt I purchased for $9.95.

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
There is never a shopping trip where I don't at least look at shoes... These of course were not on sale, but for shoes they were very inexpensive ($49.95). For the last month or so I have been looking for a pair of wedge/tan sandals and I found them! They look very tall, which they are, but fortunately and surprisingly they have a great arch support and are comfortable. Now that's just crazy talk! Fashion is usually painful!

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  1. Nothing but love for you, too! I would like to point out that $49.95 is not "inexpensive" for shoes... I'll give you "reasonable" but I'm going to fight you on "inexpensive." But I guess that's why we shop well together. :)


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