Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 16- You and someone wearing matching clothes.

When I started thinking about the matching clothes post I was digging for a picture I remembered from 7th grade of my friend Lauren and I wearing matching Mossimo shirts (sight for sore eyes) and jean shorts. Yea we were cool! As I was rummaging through old pictures I came across all of my dance pictures. BINGO! Now that is a lot of people wearing matching clothes and hair! Note: I do not have a scanner, so these pictures were 'copied' by another camera.

I started gymnastics when I was about 6 or 7 years old in New Mexico. When we moved to Florida I decided I wanted to try dance. My first two classes were Ballet and Gymnastics. I even remember the songs we danced to for these: Ballet - Michael Bolton and Gymnastics - Ghost Busters!

10 years old

Ballet Class


17 years old
This was my last year of dancing... It does make me sad to look at these...




This wasn't the usual ballet number.


From 2009-2010 I took a ballet class locally at Raleigh School of Ballet. My teacher was Margot who is from the Carolina Ballet. Let me just say she was not an easy teacher, definitely more tough (kind of mean) than I have every had. I liked taking ballet, but I didn't like how tough they were on us. In an adult ballet class there is no hope to become professional or anything like that. It was more for fun and yes to do your best. I just didn't feel like I should leave a ballet class feeling bad about myself... I may try one of the other ballet schools locally that aren't quite as 'mean'. We'll see...

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