Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 20- Your jewelry box.

As you previously saw on Day 19, you found that my jewelry is stored in several places. Primarily my jewelry box is used to store my earrings and a few of my necklaces. This jewelry box was given to me by my mother at least 5+ years ago. The floral design on the top of the lid use to match a bedspread that I owned, but since then we have purchased a different bedspread. I still love this jewelry box because it is just plain 'pretty'. I think all jewelry boxes should be 'pretty' as it reminds me of an older era to keep your precious gems and jewels in.

History of the Jewelry Box
Jewelry Boxes have been used for centuries and have always been made by designers and highly skilled craftsmen. Jewelry Boxes were only purchased by the very wealthy prior to the Industrial Revolution. Since the the Industrial Revolution even the middle class population could purchase jewelry boxes. This happened due to the reduction in cost enabled by mass production. In the beginning of or in the first quarter of the 1800s, Wards, Marshall Field and Sears catalogs could help purchase Jewelry Boxes at quite good costs. This made it affordable to middle class families.
Top (Hinged Lid)
Including my dresser...

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