Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 22- Something you only wear in the summer.

For us northern folk, we can really only wear bathing suits from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Unlike when I lived in Florida, I could wear a bathing suit from March until November, so really it was summer 75% of the time.

Ahhh Summer....
Summer is a love/hate relationship. When it's March and spring is barely around the corner and it just reaches the 60's, I'm just ready for winter to be over. Once that moment of warmth comes around (at least 70), I will try to tear out my bathing suits from the basket as fast as I can to get rid of that white winter 'glow' and catch some of those summer 'rays'. However, at this point of the year (July/August) I'm ready for summer to be over! Supposedly on the news we are now on the down turn of HOT weather. This past week we reached a high of at least 100 for 5 days in a row with a 110+ heat index. Joe can hardly even convince me to go to the pool in that kind of weather. Although, it's still July it should slowly start decreasing in temps... Oh so slowly as fall really doesn't get here until mid-October. Fall is my favorite season...

I do love many things in every season, but for the summer I love the Sun, Reading Books, Beach, Pool, Fresh Fruits, etc...

Bathing Suit & Cover Up Basket
Some Fun Bathing Suits!
My Friend Lauren told me I had to buy this one. So I did!
Fun Jewels!

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