Monday, July 18, 2011

Front Flower Bed

About 2-3 weekends ago Joe started working on the stone around the front of the house. As some of you know the worst thing about our entire house was the yard. The house was owned by the same people from when it was built (2001) and apparently they didn't care to work in the yard very much. We knew this going in that the yard was a piece of work!

This was taken in March 2011, this will show you the large hedges in front of the window. Joe ended up tying the 10 year old bushes to the jeep to rip them out! Good thing we are getting new grass by May 2012!!! We will be laying the same grass that we have in the backyard (Emerald Zoysia).
This picture was taken a few weeks back after all plants/shrubs were uprooted and tilled prior to laying stone. You will also notice the house is a different color, we painted that Marcy 2011.

Stone Laying
Husband hard at work! As usual...
Saturday, July 16th 2011 we drove down to Angier, NC. It's about a 45min drive, but they have some really great nurseries down there for 1/3 of the cost of Lowe's and Home Depot.

This year we have decided to work on the front yard, last year was the huge undertaking of the backyard. Once Joe had finished laying the stone, it was time for me to start drawing out the plans for what to plant! For now we 21 hardscape plants in the front flower bed.

21 plants:
2 Arborvitae (4ft)
3 Holly Bushes
5 Soft Touch Holly Bushes
2 Barberry Bushes
2 Variegated Privet Bushes
7 Variegated Liriope Plants
Total Cost: $100.00

If we would have gone to Lowe's or Home Depot that would have easily cost us $250-$300.

The 21 shrubs/plants!
Still need 2 more liriope's (light spider looking plant), but it was a good guess on the number of plants!

Updated on the backyard...
We put the fence up in 2008, but this is what the backyard (some of it) looked like. A mess!
The investigators this weekend watching the birds and us prune...
This is what it looks like today!
Beautiful emerald zoysia grass and tons of flowers!!

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