Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guest Rooms

Joe and I have 2 full guest bedrooms (and an office not themed) that we have made into themes. I think this idea stemmed from our Honeymoon when we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast in Lassen, CA.

Humming Bird Room
The first room we completed is called the 'Humming Bird' room. Ironically this room doesn't have any humming birds in it yet (except on the door), but it has a lot of 'wild exotic' flowers and we have a lot of humming birds in our backyard. I'm sure eventually I will find some humming bird items to place in the room. It's still missing a head board, foot board, curtains, and additional pictures. These pictures will most likely be more flowers and hopefully a picture of a hummingbird.

Aspen Room
This past weekend (July 22-24, 2011) Joe and I were finally able to paint the Aspen Room! This past winter we made our annual trip to Snowshoe, WV and purchased a pair of rustic ski's for the room. Then this spring, my mother had worked very hard on make us a quilt by hand. Also, this past May my parents went to Alaska and bought us a few charming touches to add to the room. So I couldn't wait to get it painted! We had the majority of everything we needed! This room still needs a new bed skirt, curtains, and an accent pillow.

Testing the Color
Finished! We chose the lightest yellow from the previous picture.

NOTE: These door signs were made by my dear friend Megan who does this as a side job outside of being a teacher. She primarily does this for baby rooms (not on a plaque, but by individual letters), so if you are interested in having any made (for yourself or as awesome baby gifts) just let me know and I will get you her info. You can also find her on facebook 'Paint by Letters' to get more information.

Light Fixtures
We also changed out a few of the light fixtures... We have replaced almost every gold fixture downstairs and are now trying to work on the upstairs. Unfortunately, 10 years ago, the gold color was an upgrade! ACK!
Out with the Old Gold
In with the New (neutral)!
Our current project now is the small Guest Bathroom upstairs. Hopefully I will have more pictures to post in the next 2-3 weeks. This project includes a lot more working including replacing ALL fixtures (for example: paint, shower head, faucet, mirror, light fixture, linoleum (to tile floor), etc.).

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  1. Thanks for the plug! I think your post should have read "my dear friend Megan who does this as a side job while frantically and desperately trying to become a teacher" instead. :-P


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