Sunday, August 28, 2011

American Tobacco Trail Training Week #2

Training Schedule vs. Training Actuality
Week #2 8/22/2011

Week #2 - This week was still pretty successful even though it was again another tricky week for 2 reasons. I had to switch a few days around near the end of the week, but it all worked out. All in all I think I rested 2 days instead of 1. Still not bad due to a few factors. #1 Hurricane Irene decided to make landfall on the coast of N.C. on Saturday, making Friday (night)/Saturday (all day) very tricky to get outside. #2 My dear friend Jessica was here visiting us!

Left (scheduled training) vs. Right (actual training)

Monday - Strength & Strengthen vs. Leg workout
Tuesday - 3 mile run vs. 3 mile run
Wednesday - 30 min cross train vs. 30 min elliptical (while talking to Ashley P.)
Thursday - 2 m run & Strength vs. Rest (switched with Friday)
Friday - Rest vs. 3 mile run (switched with Thursday)
Saturday - 3 mile run vs. Rest (due to Irene)
Sunday - 30 min cross train vs. 3 mile run

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