Monday, August 08, 2011

Changing the Sheets

Changing the sheets to me is kind of an annoying task, but their is no feeling like a fresh set of sheets that next time you lay your head down to sleep. However, in the last few months, changing the sheets has become very entertaining. Somehow both cats want to be on the bed to 'help'. By 'help' I mean make it very difficult to keep wrinkles out and lay the sheets flat. One little move in the sheets and Contessa thinks it's time to 'ATTACK!'. So the pouncing of the fitted sheet beings! Once the fitted sheet is on, the flat sheet is parachuted in the air and placed oh so gently over both cats. This is where 'our' fun begins. We like to poke and prod the sheets to get the cats to attack. All you see is four little paws kicking and clawing at the sheets. To some you may think oh my gosh all that hair! However, it's way to fun to not do this. This past sheet changing Norman was the only contestant with the sheets.

Norman vs. Sheets
All 4 paws up!
Once the bed is made and I start putting pillows on, Norman always tries to crawl under the single pillow. Pretty much he is insisting that I make him a tent.

How can I resist?
He's just plain handsome!

Frequently we get a clogged sink with a giant hairball... See image below. She decided it wasn't time to help change the sheets this week. She'd rather clog the sink. ;)

Contessa vs. Sink
She looks pretty sad here...

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