Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clint Eastwood

I keep a brown shawl in my desk drawer at work for the hypothermic days in the office. Every now and again I get made fun of for wearing it. I try to only wear it when I'm sitting at my desk, but sometimes it follows me around the office. It's probably not the most fashionable thing to wear to work but it is better than what I have seen at work for example, blankets, snuggies, sweatshirts, etc. I guess maybe I should invest in a black sweater type thing and leave that at my desk... ;)

The main poking, is referring me as Clint Eastwood...

My Shawl
Laugh it up!


  1. Um, people use snuggies at work? Seriously? Wow...

  2. *enter clever quote from Clint Eastwood movie here*

  3. It's a pashmina! I have lots of those!! Your work peeps are just jealous, snuggie wearing weirdos!!!! :P

  4. I think you should add your gun holster (new purse from Joe), a vest, and some slouchy boots... finish the look off!


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