Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Day 29- Something that is your favourite brand.

My 'favourite brand' has stuck by my side for the last 7 years. Mostly... I own so many of their clothes, I even knew when the designer changed by their fit and style! Which by the way I wasn't to happy about... However, I am still a devoted customer of Banana Republic.

Most recent purchase from BR
Cardigans can I guess sometimes be considered 'old lady', but I probably own at least 30 of them. Don't worry Megan you can tell Jason you aren't the only one with a ton of cardigans! Reason being, is they keep our office like an ice box. Cardigans are about my only option unless I want to walk around the office in a snuggie. Which by the way would be pretttttyyy awesome... I may just have to do it for giggles...

Summer Short Sleeve Cardigan
I have 3 of these: Lt Orange, Black, and Navy

Another assistant problem...
Norman move over you're in the picture!
Let me move over and look cute and be in the picture instead...
Argh... Photo shoot over...


  1. Yay, cardigans! An old woman's (and teacher's) best friend!

  2. That's funny! I just bought the navy one the other day and plan on going back for more...Love a cardigan!!

  3. I heart this post. I think you know why. Kittys AND BR? Be still my heart.


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