Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy One Year Adopt-a-versary Norman & Contessa!

We adopted Norman & Contessa 1 year ago this month from Chatham Animal Rescue & Education (C.A.R.E.)! Their names were given to them by their foster parents and they just stuck. They were about 4 months old when we got them and no they are not brother and sister, but let me tell you they are the best of friends! Most of the time. ;)

Norman's Adoption Posting
Joe picked Norman out. I mean how could you not with this picture?
This was not her adoption posting, but thought I'd share a picture from the foster mom. We met with Contessa at PetsMart in Apex. She was sleeping in the litter box. When we went in a backroom with her she was very friendly and playful (even under stressful circumstances with dogs barking and all). She also farted 2 times and it was very lethal.
Meaning of their Names
Norman: Man from the North (this name reminds me of a cranky old man, my view of his name is true to his personalty)
Contessa: Royalty; feminine form of Count (definitely true to her name)

Norman weighed 5.5lbs when we got him, today he weighs 11lbs.
Contessa weighed 6lbs when we got her, today she weighs 8lbs.

The very first night Norman slept under the bed and Contessa slept in between us... That next morning we let them out of our room and they have never been locked up since! That very first day they quickly found me and loved to sleep on my blanket.

Norman (left) & Contessa (right)
Norman (left) & Contessa (right)
Little, cute, sweet baby Norm! What happened to you? JK
This was the first time Norman cuddled up to Joe, which was about 1 month after we got them. Joe was watching a Steelers game if I remember correctly and let me tell you, he was so excited!

Norman's first nap with Joe.
These pictures were taken about 1 month later after we had them (September 2010)
Spooning! So cute! Surprisingly in this picture Norman is the little one! He's closest to the window.
Norman (left) and Contessa (right)
Things we've learned about them in the last year:
  • Norman loves to play with little mice.
  • Contessa is very winy, Joe says she takes after me.
  • Norman snorts when he eats.
  • Both of them love to chase and kill flies. We assume that they eat them as well since we can never find the bodies.
  • Norman has thrown up 4 hairballs.
  • They beg for fish when we cook it. Somehow they just know!
  • Wake up time 3:30-4:30am and appropriate to them...?. Can you say ugh!?!? Apparently this is very normal for cats. They are neither nocturnal (up at night) nor diurnal (up in the daytime). What they are is “crepuscular”. That means they’re active at dawn and dusk. Evolution has taught them that their best chances of catching game are at those times. It just seems to us that they’re nocturnal because their peak hours coincide with our weak hours.
  • Norman does NOT like to be picked up very often, especially by strangers! He also hates dogs! Sorry Zoe Jane! Norman does seem to be fond of our 4 year old Nephew, Jack though. It's strange that Jack hasn't had any battle wounds yet...
  • Contessa hides when there is a lot of people around, but she is the sweet one. Contessa and Zoe Jane are friends.
  • Norman would rather chase his food than eat it out of a bowl. He likes when you throw a piece of dry food across the wood floors to chase it. He's almost like a dog. Contessa wants nothing to do with that game. She'd rather you hand feed her like the little royal princess that she is.
  • Contessa's farts stink worse than a humans. Like leave the area stinks.
  • To call them curious would be an understatement.
  • They love to bird/nature watch from various windows.
  • Norman is anti blinds as he is working on detaching the strings that keep the blinds together by chewing through them one at a time.
  • Laser pointers are fun.
  • Contessa enjoys sitting in the bottom of the refrigerator. Gotta keep my eyes out so I don't shut her in.
  • Cat's are like kids... You still have to watch what you leave out...
  • If Norman's hungry enough he will eat the carpet.
  • Norman does NOT like the vet! He may have a heart attack next time we go... =/
  • Norman and Contessa both like to play under the sheets while making the bed. They also insist on having a tent made with pillow to play under.
  • Better watch out if you have a glass without a lid! Milk and water are the drink of choice and they will stick their head, paw, tongue, anything to get a drink of it. This is why our glasses have lids on them all.
Norman & Contessa today!
Norman weighs 11lbs and has doubled in size since we've gotten him. He's a big muscular kitty.
Contessa weighs 8lbs and she's just a tiny little thing.

They love boxes...

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