Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Visit Home...

Finally Gone Home...
I flew from Raleigh to Orlando on Thursday, August 4th early in the morning. I hadn't been home by myself since Joe and I had met (April 2006). The last time we were able to visit my family and friends in Florida was Thanksgiving, November 2009! So yes, it's been almost 2 years since I had been home. With that being said, this was a much needed trip...

Wednesday Night (pre-trip)
Norman apparently thought he was coming with me!
Thursday, August 4, 2011
On Thursday I arrived to Orlando around 9am. Of course it was already very warm out! However, it still wasn't quite as hot as Raleigh! SHOCKING! Right!?!? I was very excited to see my parents and then visit with their kitties. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures with my family this trip! Oops! I will definitely take some on our next trip home.

Tiger (13 years old) & 19lbs!
I just want to squeeze him!
Lovey (3 years old)
Thursday, my mom and I did what we do best! We went shopping! First stop was Sophie & Trey and then 4th & Ocean. These were new (since the last time I had been home) local boutiques in the area so that was a lot of fun to go somewhere that we don't have in Raleigh. After some shopping we met up with my Dad for lunch and then off to a wonderful Pedicure (chosen color - OPI 'Talk of the town brown)! Later that afternoon we went out again for some more shopping and on the way I saved a 10lb (dinner plate size) tortoise! My brother David & his wife LaDonna joined us for dinner at my parents house.

Friday, August 5, 2011
Friday morning I decided that I should go for a little trial run around the 'loop' which was 2.5 miles. It wasn't a terrible run, as I hadn't run all summer, but I needed to get out as my training for the 10 miler starts next week! ESHK!

After my morning run, my mom and I headed out again for more shopping! On our first stop out was to JoAnn's Fabric. Megan called me to talk and said I know you home, but needed to talk to someone. Okay, no problem... We are just out shopping... Amanda: "I'm at the 'Craft Store", Megan: "Oh, are you guys working on a project?", Amanda: "Nooooooooo, how can I explain this, my Mom buys fabric like I go shopping". Very true statement! HAHA! Off to Banana Republic and Francesca's Collection we go!

That night I went out with my parents to dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants called 'Colorado's'. On our way home we saw this super cool cloud / storm in front of us!

Items from Thursday & Friday's Shopping Adventure!
2 cardigans, 1 sweater, 2 tank tops, and a lace top!
Saturday, August 6, 2011
On Saturday, Michelle and Min drove up from Fort Lauderdale (3 hours) and picked me up and we went out to Wekiva Island, Longwood FL. It's not really an island it's part of Wekiva Springs (temp 72 degrees 365 days a year). We also canoed to Wekiva Springs a little later that afternoon, when I oh so gracefully fell out of the canoe! I wish someone would have gotten that on camera. Everyone just said, WOW that was really graceful! That's just the old dancer in me. =)

Wekiva Island
Michelle & Amanda
Mike & Amanda
Also my canoe partner. =)
Michelle & Amanda
(left to right: Amanda, Zack, Nichole, David, David's Fiance, and Robyn)
While I was out playing, my Mom made me this pillow for the Aspen room! It matches the quilt she made for the bed.
She also made me this super soft and awesome blanket!
You'll see later down the post who else loves it. =)
Later Lovey came to visit me for an afternoon nap while I watched television.
On my last day, that evening, I went to Vanessa's house to spend some time with friends.
(left to right: Vanessa, Nichole, Michelle, & Amanda)
(left to right: Amanda, Michelle, Zack, Vanessa, and Nichole)
Amanda & Michelle
BFF since 8th grade! 15 years!
Amanda & Zack
BFF since 9th grade! 14 years!
I returned home early on Sunday, August 7th. On the security portion in Orlando I had to go through the Backscatter xRay technology machine. I did feel a little violated, but it was only 30 seconds long, in and out. I'm sure they have to look at so many people that they probably don't even pay attention, but still sort of weird. I sent a text to my Dad after I went through the machine and told him about it, he replied 'Did you get a copy for Joe?'. HA! Silly Dad!

Post-Trip Sunday
Contessa and I thought it'd be a good idea to take a nap with our new blankie. Yes that is a pillow pet under my head. ;) AND Contessa's new favorite blanket.
This is where I found Norman... Silly boy!


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