Monday, September 12, 2011

American Tobacco Trail Training Week #4

Training Schedule vs. Training Actuality
Week #4 9/5/2011

This was absolutely a terrible week of training for me. On September 1st, I came down with a wicked chest cold that has knocked me out for about 10 days from any type of training. Yesterday (Sunday), I ran 4 miles. Regardless, I was going to get out there b/c I couldn't sit around anymore and wait on training. I felt OK running, but once I stopped I thought I was going to lose a lung! It didn't take too long maybe 15-20 minutes for my lungs to recover... Unfortunately, this cough is still lingering but my training regiment for this week will continue. My lungs will just have to get over it!

Left (scheduled training) vs. Right (actual training)

Monday - Strength & Strengthen vs. Rest (Sick)
Tuesday - 2 mile run vs. Rest (Sick)
Wednesday - 35 min cross train vs. Rest (Sick)
Thursday - 2 m run & Strength vs. Rest (Sick)
Friday - Rest vs. Rest (Sick)
Saturday - 2 mile run vs. 1 mile walk
Sunday - 40 min cross train vs. 4 mile run (to make up for last Saturday)

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