Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celeste & Mike's Wedding

What an amazing wedding! An absolutely stunning bride, a handsome groom, great food & beverages and what a beautiful setting! Who could have asked for a more perfect day! Celeste and Mike we wish you the best!

Rebecca, Stephanie L., Stephanie A., Mallory, and Me

Adam, Chris, Dillon, Joe, and Kyle

Me, Mallory, Celeste, Stephanie L. and Stephanie A.


  1. looooove the pictures!! completely agree...GREAT wedding!

  2. Yay for the wedding pics!! Weren't the signs awesome? Such a great weekend. Sad to be back in Raleigh already and back to the grind ...

  3. i love these!! My fav pic so far is actually the one you took with mike and i on the golf course with my dress lookin' all perty. YAY! Thanks!


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