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Tuesday, September 20

Contest Winner!

I've recently posted on this topic, but I can't help to bring it up again! I love my Swagg! A few weeks ago Celeste had told me about the Swagg being sold on Etsy! She was a follower of Fairy Tales are True Blog by Sarah Tucker. Sarah is a huge fan of the Swagg and so that's how we found out about it! With that being said, on September 9th there was a post on Sarah's blog for 'The Swagg Shop Giveaway'! Of course hands down I was like OMGsh I need to enter!!! So that following Friday I found out that I was the winner!!! While shopping at the Southpoint Mall in Durham of course... First I had to question 'Was this real?!?'. You have no idea how excited I was! #1 I have never won anything and #2 I love my camel swagg so who couldn't ask for a second one!?!?!? I was able to select my color and chose BLACK since I already had a camel one. She is also giving me an infinity scarf! WOO HOO! I can't wait to sport those here in NC!

Swagg on Etsy by Camilyn
If you'd like to purchase one of your own you can go to:

Flat Faced Cat by Camilyn
Another great blog to follow is:

Camilyn's 'Swagg Winner' Blog Post
Here is Camilyn's post about me being the winner! She also posted pictures of me in my camel Swagg!


With a belt

With a brooch

Back view
Tricot by Patti
This is another one of my new 'to get' items! Tricot by Patti! SO FUN! I can't wait to purchase one or two or THREE! Hopefully I can be another good promoter for Patti!

Camilyn has some great pictures on how to wear the Tricot on her blog!

Skinny Scarf
Mini Shawl Scarf
Button Cowl Neck Scarf
Original Cowl Neck Scarf
You can always find both blogs on 'My Blog List' (main page).

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  1. Thanks for the Swagg shout out! I'm so happy that you won! Congrats!


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