Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dara Dot Designs

This past August, Joe and I went to Tornoto for a long weekend to visit for our anniversary. While we were there of course I did a little shopping! At the Distillery District they had side vendors selling arts and craft items and I ran across Dara Dot Designs. The options for sale are: Loop, Wrap, Fresh, Fringe, Ruffle, and Turban Headband. My personal favorite was the loop (in khaki), it was the most simple and best wear for me for a professional work environment. Although, infinity scarves are very popular these days, the material Dara uses is quite special. Check it out!

Dara Dot Designs
(Styles on how to wear the LOOP)

'How To' in video! It's quite fun to watch!

select your style!

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