Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fauxy Furs

What is Faux Fur? Faux Fur is typically made from acrylic and polyester and the good Faux Fur looks and almost feels like real fur. Also, Faux Fur is much cheaper than real fur. Most of you know that I'm an animal lover so real fur will never touch my skin no matter how beautiful the fur may be. I just can't do it! BUT! I will definitely wear Faux Fur!

Just like this past Spring, Faux Fur is definitely in this Fall season. If your going to purchase a faux fur, you MUST make sure that it feels and looks real, otherwise I would suggest passing on it and keep on searching. It's everywhere these days!

Faux Fur Jacket
Faux Fur Boots
Faux Fur Leg Warmers
Faux Fur Outfit
Faux Fur Vest with Hood
Faux Fur Outfit
Faux Fur Outfit
Faux Fur Vest

The fashion elite are wearing cool faux fur stoles, shaggy jackets and colourful coats - get yours!

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