Saturday, September 24, 2011

Guest Bathroom Renovation

As most of you know Joe and I like to work on renovations in our house. We've done almost every project ourselves except the backyard as that was a huge undertaking. Our most recent project was the guest bathroom.

Guest Bathroom
It took several weeks, but it was a must! Our house had (still has some) all 'gold' fixtures and it was just hideous. Sadly enough, 10 years ago 'gold' was an upgrade. We've replaced all of the 1st floor fixtures (mostly to brushed nickel and some bronze) and are slowly working on the 2nd floor. Unfortunately, fixtures for bathrooms are VERY expensive. So it just takes time... I have HIGH hopes of getting the master bathroom done this winter and we should almost be done with big projects by next summer! See list of to do's at the bottom of this blog post and a list of previous reno posts.

Who glues a mirror onto the wall? Cheap contractors of course... Always fun to patch that up...
Old fixtures... Replaced 1x to just function! This is onto the 2x replacement
The new shower head that we bought didn't connect properly so Joe had to cut a portion of the wall and torch the copper neck to make it all fit. Torch + Wood near by = Amanda NERVOUS! Had to go get the fire extinguisher just in case!!! Joe even agreed to that one!
First we painted the walls from chalky white to spa blue. Then we ripped out the linoleum to start the tiling process.
Almost done tiling! Look at that handsome fella!
Cheesy grin I might add... But handsome at that...
FINISHED mirror and fixtures! BRONZE and SPA BLUE!
New Fixtures & Curtain
Train Rack & Fixtures
Look at those spa blue walls and that tile!


Remainder to do's:
Replace remainder gold fixtures upstairs
Reno of Master Bathroom
New Carpet
New sod in the front yard (Emerald Zoysia like we have in the back)

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