Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mustard A Favorite 2011 Fall Season Color

One of the Fall 2011 season favorite colors is MUSTARD YELLOW. I think that this color can be a LOVE or a HATE for some. Growing up there were 2 colors that my Mom never let me wear: YELLOW and GREEN and ironically now I love to wear them both! More yellow than green... Here are some fun things I've come across in the color MUSTARD that I love.

Mustard Outfit

Mustard Cardigan
Mustard Shoes
Mustard Scarf
Mustard Earrings
Mustard Yellow Dress
Another Mustard Outfit

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  1. Uhhh!! My least favorite color!! Although, I don't mind the earrings, shoes and jeans. I can't wear turns me yellow :) So it looks like another year will go by with me not in fashion.


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