Friday, September 09, 2011

Surprise Party!

Last night Mike and Kyle hosted a surprise birthday party for Mallory (Kyle's fiance), Celeste (Mike's fiance), and Yazz. They were definitely surprised! The boys made some great food and yummy cake! PS - Thanks Ashley for the pictures!!!

Mallory (left) and Celeste (right)
Ashley and Amanda
Amanda and Kim
Joe and Amanda
Birthday Girlz!
Celeste, Yazz, and Mallory
Hope you lovely birthday girlz had a wonderful time!


  1. It was amazing. SO SHOCKED. We are so blessed with such an awesome group of gal friends and awesome fiances. Thank you thank you for coming even though you have the plague!

  2. Last night was lots of fun!!!! :) Aren't you happy you came?!! :) :) So happy you used the pictures and solved my camera mystery!!! :)


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