Sunday, October 02, 2011

American Tobacco Trail Training Week #7

Training Schedule vs. Training Actuality
Week #7 9/26/2011

Wow I feel like every week I say, 'this was a bad week', but none the less this wasn't a great week for me. I only ran 2 days! Ahhhh! I did switch the 4 mile (long run) from Week #7 with the 7 mile (long run) from Week #8. This upcoming weekend will undoubtedly be difficult for me to run a long distance so I decided to switch the scheduled runs.

Monday - Strength & Strengthen vs. Rest
Tuesday - 3 mile run vs. 3 mile run
Wednesday - 45 min cross train vs. Rest
Thursday - 3 m run & Strength vs. Rest
Friday - Rest vs. Rest (was planning to run and then a wicked thunderstorm came through!)
Saturday - 4 mile run vs. Rest
Sunday - 50 min cross train vs. 7 mile run (swapped with Week #8)

I've logged about 50 miles of running so far and should be at 64 miles. Not terrible. ;) I blame the 10 days I had to take off a few weeks back due to a chest cold.

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