Sunday, October 09, 2011

American Tobacco Trail Training Week #8

Training Schedule vs. Training Actuality
Week #8 10/3/2011

This week was pretty good due to travelling. I had intentionally switched my Saturday 7 mile run with Week #7 as I knew I'd be in Florida and didn't want to run 7 miles alone. So Saturday, Dawn took me to La Fitness and of course I had a little incident. Some idiot (sorry), left a treadmill on very slow speed so it wasn't noticeable and of course it was the one I went to use. So yes, I ate it on the treadmill leaving a giant bruise on the outside of my left knee and a few burns on my ankle and wrist. Fortunately, I didn't land ON my kneecap otherwise I might be in trouble for training. I definitely am laughing about it now, because I didn't really get 'hurt', just bruised and burned. I still ran 3 miles though! HA! Dawn did say that I ate it pretty gracefully, I pretty much tucked into a ball and rolled off while not dropping anything in my hands. I'm quite talented.

Monday - Strength & Strengthen vs. Rest
Tuesday - 5 mile run vs. 5 mile run
Wednesday - 45 min cross train vs. Rest
Thursday - 3 m run & Strength vs. 3 mile run
Friday - Rest vs. Rest
Saturday - 7 mile run vs. 3 mile run (in Florida!) - The incident day...
Sunday - 60 min cross train vs. 2 mile run (in Florida!)

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