Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Stop - Deerfield Beach

I've decided to take a few day hiatus from posting about fashion and show pictures from my trip to South Florida. My first stop was in Deerfield Beach to visit Jenny, Dawn, and Erica.

Deerfield Beach, FL
Windy day!
Red Flag
High hazard for the surf & current. Needless to say I did not go in the water.
Deerfield Pier
Sea Creatures
Jenny & Dawn
Catching some rays...
Toes in the warm sand...
Off to dinner with Jenny, Dawn, Me, & Erica
That evening we went to Season's 52 for dinner.
She has the saddest puppy eyes
Maybe next time Shadow (cat) will let me photograph her. =)

Next Stop Delray Beach, FL...

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  1. that pizza looks delicious. Do you remember what was on it? I want to try to make it (..well have Mike try to make it...)


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