Monday, October 24, 2011

Race Day - Saturday October 22

This past Saturday, October 22nd was the American Tobacco Trail 10 miler. We (Joe, Erin, Ashley, and myself) had been training for the past 10 weeks for this day. That morning was a chilly one reaching 42 degrees when we hit the start line at 8:50am for the women and 9:00am for the men. Definitely a morning to wear the 'cold' running gear.

@ the House
Erin, Ashley and Me
My goal was to finish the race at 1:45 (@ 10:30 min per mile), but I fell behind and finished at 1:46:32. Some of you may think, Amanda that's 1min 32seconds slower than you ran what's the big deal? I think I'm just disappointed in myself as I mentally broke down at about mile 7. I think back at how I felt and just want to kick myself to push a little harder. Here is our final times for the 2011 American Tobacco Trail 10-miler.

Amanda's Chip Time
10:41 Minute Per Mile Pace

Joe's Chip Time
8:29 Minute Per Mile Pace

The only race we have scheduled is the Turkey Trot 5K on November 19th in Apex. We didn't pay the extra money to obtain a chip as we typically run this one for fun every year. I'll make sure and use my watch. I'm debating on if I want to run casually or maybe try a little speed training to see if I can run it under 10 minute miles.

Pictures from by the Photographers

Apparently he is sleeping while running, but this was his only picture.
Through the woods we will go!

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