Saturday, October 01, 2011

Scarf Season is almost here!

North Carolina definitely has some interesting weather patterns. In the Fall, one day it will be 80 during the day and then the next day 60. I've never been one to wear a scarf during 'warm-warmer' weather because I find it just strange. When it's 70+ degrees what do you need to be wearing a scarf for? Shouldn't you just be wearing shorts and a breezy top? Although, to me, 60 degrees is still quite warm for a scarf, but that's my limit that I'm still willing to pull off a light scarf as an accessory. Here are a few funny pictures, while I'm preparing you for scarf season.

My Pottery Barn Bench
Above the bench is the PB shelf with coat hangers. I love this thing!
The bottom baskets are for our winter scarves, hats, and gloves. They stay there all year long.
AND what else did I find in one of the baskets? a little bundle of fur sleeping in my scarves!
Closer view... She's too cute!

Ok, enough cuteness and onto some options for light weight scarves. The options are almost endless.

Light Weight Scarves
Infinity Scarf
Paul Wesley

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