Wednesday, November 30, 2011

25 Day Christmas Countdown Challenge

I've decided to do another Blog Challenge! 25 Day Christmas Countdown Challenge! I'll still post things intermittently, so there is a good chance that I will be posting 2 blog posts per day.

Day 01 - Post an audio of one of your favorite Christmas songs

Day 02- Which has been your favorite Christmas of all time?

Day 03- Best gift ever received

Day 04- Best gift ever given

Day 05- Favorite Christmas albums

Day 06- Favorite Christmas movies

Day 07- Favorite memory

Day 08- A holiday dessert of your choosing

Day 09- Best holiday traditions

Day 10- Do you give to charities or other people around the holidays? Which is your cause of choice?

Day 11- Are you any good at wrapping presents? Describe a gift wrapped by you.

Day 12- Favorite Christmas Ornament

Day 13- Describe your typical Christmas Eve

Day 14- Ever sneaked a peak at a gift?

Day 15- Do you still believe in Santa Clause? If no, how did you find out he was fake?

Day 16- Favorite Christmas book

Day 17- Describe your first Christmas memory

Day 18- If you could spend the holiday any place in the entire world, with whomever you wanted, where would you be and who would you be with?

Day 19- Who is the most enthusiastic about the holiday season in your family?

Day 20- You have one Christmas wish. What is it?

Day 21- A detailed explanation of what your house looks like on December 25th.

Day 22- Name all nine reindeer without using a search engine.

Day 23- What is your absolute favorite part of the holidays? Only one.

Day 24- Why is Christmas important to you?

Day 25- Describe your day. Merry Christmas!!!

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