Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion Friday

Last weekend Joe was out of town for a wedding up in WV. Yep I had the whole house to myself! Most people would think, YES!, I can now party! Maybe that's just a boys train of thought... Mine... Yes, I can watch all the girly movies I want, do a bunch of errands, go shopping, and get some R&R. Most of you who know me very well aren't surprised by my statement at all I'm sure. =)

The most exciting event that weekend was Celeste coming over to work on Do It Yourself (DIY) fashionista projects. We had 3 things on our DIY list:
  • Wrap / Scarf
  • Weaved Headband
  • Knotted Headband
During the projects we 'watched' Legally Blonde, Bride Wars and of course made ourselves a pizza. We accomplished 2 of the 3 projects on Friday, but it took me a little time to figure out the 3rd one on Saturday. It all had to do with fabric choice malfunction. I'm not going to post on 'how' we did it, but you can find the instructions on my Pinterest DIY board.

Wrap / Scarf
Celeste's Color Green

Wrap / Scarf
Amanda's Color Taupe
Weaved Headband
Knotted Headband

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  1. Yeah, I look reeeaalll fashionable! Your headbands turned out awesome. It def helps to have the stretchy cotton that rolls up (a must have for these kinds of things!).


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