Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Joe!

Today is Joe's 29th Birthday!!! Last night we met with Joe's entire family (minus Bennie) for a Birthday celebration! After dinner we went to the Barbour house (Missy, Kirby, Jack & Luke's) for birthday presents and cake! It's never a dull moment with the English family. =)

They made a sign!!!
Jack assisted Joe in blowing out the candles
Joe had to prove that a pair of pants fit him... So doing this in front of everybody seemed appropriate. I also warned him it would go on the blog! HA!
Happy Birthday Luke!
Yesterday was Luke's 1st birthday! However, I will post more about this later as his 1st birthday party is later this afternoon.
Jenni and Bennie's baby Knox!
Heath Bar Cake missing the Heath... Oops!
Joe decided to wake me up at 5am! YES 5am! I think he was excited to open his gifts!
I had to give him a hard time... So I bought him a 30th b'day card!

The card said:
What is 30?
Thirty is...
...not getting carded at bars anymore.
...knowing that teenagers think you're a dinosaur.
...heraing people say. "Well, it's better than turning forty!"
...getting a headache at a concert.
...having furniture that matches.
...wondering if you still look cool in ripped jeans.
...wondering if ripped jeans are still cool.
...wondering if saying "cool" is still cool.

Thirty bites the big one.
Happy 30th (crossed out to say 29th) Birthday

My note:
Okay, maybe you only have 1 more year to look forward to all of those things.

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