Friday, November 04, 2011


Joe and I have been going back and forth about doing a 1/2 (or full for Joe) marathon in March. There is one here locally, but the question arises if we want to run in the winter or not? Regardless of training for a 'long' race you either have to start your training in the winter or the summer because most likely the race will be in the spring or fall for good weather. We'll make our decision before December 31, 2011 as that's when the fee's will rise and that's a when we would have to start training. So we shall see... But in the man time we were both due for a new pair of running shoes after the last race.

Running Shoes 2012!
Joe and I have been faithful to Mizuno for over 5 years now. We became more serious, 'serious' taken lightly, about running in 2006 when we were preparing for the Chicago Marathon. My first pair of shoes that were fitted by a specialty running store were Mizuno's. So the new pair below will be my 5th generation!

My generations of Mizuno's:
  1. white with red
  2. white with purple
  3. white with blue
  4. white with pink
  5. now.......
Amanda's New Mizuno's
Turquoise and Lime

Can you say whoa!?!?!? They are pretty loud, but as they are only used for running they are pretty cool.

Joe's generations of Mizuno's:

  • white with orange
  • white with blue
  • now.......

  • Joe's New Mizuno's
    Yellow and Black

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    1. I love Mizuno...I don't have some right now because I can't always find ones that I like but that is the brand I go to first.


    little eloquent notes... ❤