Saturday, December 03, 2011

Day 03- Best gift ever received

My parents bought my brother (David) and I each our own kitten for Christmas in 1986. I was 3 years old, turning 4 in January. It actually makes me very sad to look at these pictures (as I tear up while writing this). I named her Princess as she had all white legs, except her right paw had a big black spot on it, I called it her ring. Princess lived until I was 22 years old, so she had a huge impact on my childhood growing up. I miss her and hope that I'll get to see her in Heaven.

On a funny note, I remember watching the kittens climb in the tree that first Christmas and tip the (real) tree over. I don't think my parents were very happy....

Friskie & Princess
(David's and Mine)
Amanda with Princess & David with Friskie

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