Thursday, December 08, 2011

Day 08- A holiday dessert of your choosing

How cute are these!?!?!?! I have yet to try making them, but they will be on a priority list for the next Christmas Party we attend.

Reindeer Cupcakes

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1. Bake cupcakes of your choosing. These chocolate cupcakes are made from a box mix.

2. Frost with chocolate frosting.

3. Top with pretzels for the antlers, a Nilla Wafer for the face, white M&Ms for the eyes (or any other type of white candy), black icing for the eyeballs, and brown and red candies for the nose (Suggestions: Peanut butter M&Ms or Cadbury chocolate balls).


  1. How cute...stealing these :)

  2. Stinking adorable! Hello science department Christmas party!

  3. you mean that you made them????
    OMG they are amazing!!!
    i love them!!!

  4. oh my goodness, cutest thing ever. amazing post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my latest post. xo


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