Friday, December 09, 2011

Day 09- Best holiday traditions

Holiday Tradition English Family

Each Christmas Eve, Joe's Granny (she's now 90) will pull out Old Crow and give everyone shots. I remember my very first year we were in the kitchen with all of Joe's cousins and Granny and she asked if I wanted a shot. I said 'No Thank You' and of course she insisted. How do you say no to an 80 something year old woman? So I ironically I was standing near the sink... As Granny continued to pour everyone else there shots, I slowly started to pour most of my shot down the sink. Of course everyone who saw me doing it was laughing...

Holiday Tradition for us!
For the last 3 years, Joe and I have started our own tradition and attend a holiday themed 'show' around the holiday time frame.

2009 - Nutcracker (Ballet)
2010 - A Christmas Story (Musical)
2011 - A Christmas Carol (Play), which is actually tonight!!!!!

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