Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Glamorous Thanksmas

This year was the 8th annual Thanksmas held by Celeste & Mike at there home. The party is held between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. Not only does everyone bring food to share, but we also donate clothing and blankets for the homeless/underprivileged.

Each year there is a theme, this was Joe and my 2nd time attending. Last years the theme was 'Ugly Sweater' and this year was 'Semi-Formal'. Of course Joe and I had to go all out and dress 'Formal'. When I walked in the house I had black evening gloves and a fur wrap, but by the time we got around to the picture I had stripped myself of them.

Joe & Amanda
The Party
Yazz & Celeste
Ashley P. & Stephanie A.
Amanda & Kim
Stephanie L. + Bump
Kevin, Stephanie L., & Chris
Amanda & Celeste

Blast from the past, 2010 Thanksmas 'Ugly Sweater'
Amanda, Kyle, Mallory (back row)
Celeste, Stephanie L. (front row)
Amanda & Joe


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