Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Winter!

Today is technically the first day of winter!  Winter is the coldest season of the year!!! At the winter solstice, the days are shortest and the nights are are longest, with days lengthening as the season progresses after the solstice. 

Although, it seems as though most people dread the winter months (depending on where you live), you have to remind yourself of the wonderful things that you can do in the winter!

My all time favorite thing to do in the winter is ski!!!
Just a few pictures that I could find from the last several years of ski season!!!

Ski 2007 (Whitetail, PA)

Ski 2008 (Snowshoe, WV)

Ski 2010 (Snowshoe, WV)

MJ & JiMin



Ski 2011 (Wintergreen, VA)

Ski 2011 (Snowshoe, WV)
(ecstatic about a FRIENDS mug in the condo!)

It was a cold one!

Beautiful though!

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