Friday, December 30, 2011

Recap of Christmas Day

Here is the recap of Christmas Day in Florida!

Cheers!  A little Old Crowe at 9am!

Sister In-law LaDonna

Etsy Scarf!

Tiger...  Food?  Food?  Food?

Brother David

Dad & Mom

Faux Fur!  YUM!

Stop looking at me...  I'm not cute...

NAKED eye shadow!

Camera Tripod

Dad & Mom

I'm not a present!  ESCAPE!

Joe...  Tools!

Dad & his new Chicago Bears blanket

Mom & her kitty teapot

Dad's top wish list...  Lamborghini...  You get what you ask for!  =)

Joe & his new shoe polish kit

Family: David, LaDonna, Mom, Dad, Joe, & Me
Using my new tripod!

Lovey is tuckered out from all the presents...

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  1. Ooo you will have to tell me how you like the tripod. We are in need of getting one. Love the faux fur!


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