Sunday, January 08, 2012

Bay Six Half Marathon Training Week - #2

Training Schedule vs. Training Actuality
Week #2 - 1/2/2012

I've already accepted that this week was going to be a very difficult week to train: #1 early in the week we had an arctic blast, #2 it was my birthday, and #3 we were going skiing for 2 days.

Monday - Strength and Strengthen vs. Rest
Tuesday - 3 mile run vs. High of 37, windy, and my Birthday (REST)
Wednesday - 5x400 (5K pace) vs. Packing and Cleaning for Snowshow
Thursday - 3 m run and Strength vs. Travelling to Snowshoe, WV
Friday - Rest vs. Skied for 8 hours!
Saturday - 5 mile run vs. Skied for 7 hours!
Sunday - 3 mile run vs. Travelling Home...  Just too tired!

Just so sad to even post!

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