Monday, January 16, 2012

Bay Six Half Marathon Training Week - #3

Training Schedule vs. Training Actuality
Week #3 - 1/9/2011

Monday - Strength and Strengthen vs. Rest
Tuesday - 3.5 mile run vs. 2.5 mile run (9 push ups and 30 crunches)
Wednesday - 6x400 (5K pace) vs. Rest
Thursday - 3 m run and Strength vs. 3.5 mile run*
Friday - Rest vs. Rest
Saturday - 5K Pace vs. 3.5 mile run*
Sunday - Rest run vs. 6 mile run

* On Thursday I had some severe left side abdominal pain so I have no idea how I even got through the 3.5 mile run...  So I passed on the pushups and crunches for that day and took Friday off.  Saturday was sort of an iffy day, so I just took it easy and still ran (in 25 degree weather!!!!)

This week was a good week for training, I was scheduled to run 111 miles and ran 15.5 miles.  I also did 42 push ups and 140 crunches.

Totals from the start of training (12/26/2011):
Total: 30.8 miles
Total: 51 push ups
Total: 170 crunches

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