Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bay Six Half Marathon Training Week - #5

Training Schedule vs. Training Actuality
Week #5 - 1/23/2011


I'm not sure why we didn't do this from the beginning, but this week we decided to alter our running schedule and have an additional rest day and move strength training.  It's really hard to run this time of year due to many factors, #1 - Bible Study on Monday's, #2 - not getting home until 5:45pm and it's dark, #3 - the potential bad weather (rain, arctic cold, etc) and #4 - just plain getting a day of rest after work.  I've changed Mondays to a rest day, but of course could get switched around with any days of the week due to any extraneous factors mentioned above.  I've also changed my Strength and Strengthen day to Wednesday.

We've also decided to just place our 'challenge' of push ups, crunches, and added pull ups to our training only on Wednesday.  We are going to add up our mileage from the previous week and do it all on Wednesdays.

Monday - Rest vs. Rest
Tuesday - 4 mile run vs. 4 mile run
Wednesday -  Strength and Strengthen vs. Rest
Thursday - 3 m run and Strength vs. 4 mile run
Friday - Rest vs. Rest
Saturday -  8 mile run vs. 4 mile run
Sunday -  3 mile pace vs. 7 mile run

This week was a good week for training, I was scheduled to run 18 miles and ran 19 miles.

Total Mileage To Date
69.8 miles (Start 12/26/2011), averaging 13.96 miles per week (don't worry my mileage will get higher as the weeks go onto hopefully catch up to the schedule.

Scheduled Total Mileage
213.7 miles (End 3/18/2012), averaging 17.81 miles per week

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