Friday, January 13, 2012

Color Splash!

The best way to color block is by using a color wheel.  Think by using a triangle to select to basic colors to combine (for example blue, orange, and violet OR blue, yellow, bright orange).  Below I have created 2 triangles as an example.  I would suggest only selecting 2 of the colors from the wheel (triangle) and then your third color outside of the triangle...  Obviously our closets don't have these exact colors so work with the colors that you have in your closet!!!  All else fails go shopping!  All accessories should be neutral so you don't look too WOW!

2011/2012 Color Blocking

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  1. I´m pretty much obsessed with everything hot pink, and that first look is just stunning! Thanks so much for these tips, they´re very helpful!

    xx Ivana

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